How To Pick Your Prom Dress – Hourglass Shape


My biggest concern for hourglass shaped women, other than muffin top, is maintaining balance. If you’re an hourglass shape then you already have a great shape. However, if you draw too much attention to your top or your bottom you’ll lose balance.

This fantastic vintage-inspired dress has slight wide-set shoulder straps and a slight flare to the skirt. The higher waist keeps your legs looking long.

The second dress has less wide shoulders and a pencil skirt. It’s a little more fitted than the first dress, but it is still balanced. It also brings a lot of attention to your tiny waist. It also has a high waist for a lean leg look.

Hourglass at Prom

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How To Pick Your Prom Dress – Boy Shape


You don’t have to be straight-laced just because you have a straight body. I’m here to give you some curves with some flare.

The first dress that I picked for you is fun and funky. It also gives you some shape in the hips, pulls some attention to your bust and divides up your torso with some sheen at the waist.

The second dress that I found has gathering under the bust to give you some shape there. It pulls in at the waist. The pleated skirt gives you some shape in the booty and lengthens the line of the leg.

High-waist anything(like these two dresses) looks great on boy shapes because it makes your legs look like they go on forever while breaking up your torso. But you have to be extremely careful with the length if it’s a skirt or shorts. Too short looks even shorter with a higher waist.

Boy at Prom

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Know Your Body Type!


image (26)

Take out a measuring tape. Go on. Right now.

I’ll wait.

This is how you take your measurements. You’ll need a mirror!

Bust – measure at the fullest part of your bust with your bra off. Place the measuring tape at the part of your breast that sticks out the most. Use the mirror to make sure that the measuring tape stays level as you wrap it around, under your arms, and back to the front.

Write it down.

Waist – We’re measuring your natural waist. It’s usually an inch or two above your belly button. There is a natural crease in your waist when you bend to the side. Find it, wrap a measuring tape around it.

Write it down.

Hips – again, we’re looking for the widest part. Look at your butt. Put the measuring tape where your butt sticks out the most. Wrap it around. Use the mirror and make sure to keep it level!

Write it down.



If you are a column your bust measurement should be proportionately larger than your waist and hip measurements. However, your waist and hip measurements should be within the 6-9 inch difference of each other.


If you are an hourglass than your bust and hip measurements are proportionately larger than your waist. Your bust and hip measurements should be within the 6-9 inch difference of each other.


If you are a pear shape than your hip measurements will be proportionately larger than your bust and waist measurements. Your bust and waist measurements should be within the 6-9 inch difference of each other.


If you are a boy shape than your bust, waist and hip measurements should all be within the 6-9 inch difference of each other.


If you are an apple shape than your waist measurement is proportionately larger than your bust and hip measurements. You bust and hip measurements should be within the 6-9 inch difference of each other.


That’s about all I have on that. Basically what I do is use geometry to balance out body types to make everyone look like an hourglass. I love doing posts based on questions from readers, so feel free to comment any that you might have.


I am an avid O Magazine reader. I love the articles. They are inspiring and helpful. I just received my January 2012 issue in the mail. I like to read before bedtime. Last night I was enjoying my O until I got to an article titled “Your Biggest Dressing Dilemmas Solved!”. It was written by Adam Glassman, an O Creative Director.

On page 110 you’ll see that Adam’s “solution” to muffin top is a soft, belted top and trouser jeans. I have two main problems with this outfit. The first being that the trouser jeans to not rise to the natural waist. The reason this is a problem is the belt is at the natural waist. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but if you put a belt at your natural waist and your jeans don’t rise that high, it can cause the shirt to cling to the trousers. That means when you walk the shirt is going to puff out in the space between the belt and the place where the shirt is clinging to the trousers. Which will accentuate your muffin top, not hide it.
My second problem is that the shirt that they put on this women is cut across the hips. What happens when a shirt is cut across the hips? It makes the hips look wider! So, not only has he accentuated this poor woman’s muffin top, he has also made her hourglass shape into a pear.

Later on in the article they come back to Muffin Top(page 113). The solution is shapewear. I disagree. You don’t need shapewear if your waist rises high enough and isn’t too tight.

On the same page they tackle the Tummy Pooch. Again, their solution is shapewear. Namely, “Briefs with elastic panels in front”. Then they put this poor woman in a tunic shirt that gives her the potato sack shape that I was livid about yesterday. No. No. No. When you have an apple shape you need to refocus the attention on the bust/shoulders and the hips/booty. You don’t just pull a sack over your shoulders to “hide” the problem.

Just a few more things I promise…

Mom Butt – They’re solution: padded panties under butt-lifting shorts under jeans. My solution: pants or jeans with flap pockets. Also, these days, they make jeans that lift the booty.

Chub Rub – They’re solution: more shapewear. My solution: better pants. Higher quality, stiffer fabrics.

Double Boobs – They’re solution: more coverage. My solution: The right size bra! If you’re not wearing the right size then you’re going to have spillage. It doesn’t matter how much coverage there is.

I don’t know what else to say. I think the article could have been better. I like to offer different solutions, not just one: shapewear. I’m a little disappointed in my O Mag this month. I am glad there are other, more useful, articles in there.

Apple Shape


I have already written a post on Apple Shaped women “Apples In Winter”, but it was in response to a specific question about layering in winter. This post is going to be the main key points of dressing for an apple shape.

If you’re an Apple Shape than you are proportionally larger around your belly than you are around your bust and your hips. Roughly 14% of women are apples.

Basically, you want to avoid anything that draws unnecessary attention to your stomach. Easier said than done, I know. I’m here to help.

When dressing, your goal is to make your waist appear smaller and your bust and hips to appear larger, or at least more proportioned.

Any shirt that drapes like this is going to make your breasts look like they are part of your stomach.  Which, in turn, makes your stomach appear larger. It also tightens at the hip and that will add further emphasis on your tummy.

You want to look for shirts that provide a clear definition between your breasts and your stomach. Even better is a shirt that provides that separation and also brings attention up to the bust. This shirt is great. I only have one suggestion and that would be to raise the tie up to accentuate the smallest part of you, which is usually directly under the bust. However, you could actually keep the tie where it is to further camouflage your bulk.

i wish this came in my size!

So, the key point to buying shirts is: Emphasize the bust, de-emphasize the belly. And make sure to separate your bust from your stomach. A great way to transform a number of shirts is to add a belt or a sash around the smallest part of you, directly under the bust.

As for bottoms…

Wide leg trousers/jeans are best for your shape. As I’ve said before, skinny leg and straight leg pants can make you look like an ice cream cone. We don’t want that. Mid-rise is best. Not only can it add a bit of tummy control, but it also breaks up your torso and makes your stomach look smaller.

If you’re going with a skirt, go with a skirt that is straight down from your waist or a skirt that flares out.

Stay warm out there, Ladies!


How To Wear A Sweater Dress


It was chilly yesterday morning when I was taking the dog out. It’s starting to get cold at night. I’m thinking, now, of trying to stay warm in the cooler weather. No other year have sweater dresses interested me as much as they are this fall. I thought I would share my enthusiasm. (You will never find me posting something that I don’t absolutely adore.) And, to be honest, I’m actually in the market for a few myself.

Sweater dresses are perfect for boy shapes, but you can fit them on other body types, too. This particular one is perfect for you boy shaped ladies because it adds bulk in the right places and you can cinch it in at the waist with a skinny belt. (It’s also not bad for you pear shaped ladies, because of the thick neckline and the square shoulders.)

If you want to go perfect for pear, I love this mod, vintage sweater dress. Sadly, it’s already sold, but you can really see with this dress how the cut and colors really bring the attention upward. You want to create the illusion that there is more going on near the top than there is going on at the bottom.

Remember, it’s all about creating the perfect balance with you pears and columns!

Speaking of you bigger on top gals, how cute is this vintage sweater dress. The bottom flares out and the brown and floral pattern brings all the attention away from the bust. It’s just darling, don’t you think?

Also, this one is sold, but it’s about the idea and shape to give you tips, not the dress shown.

Apple ladies, when you’re looking for a sweater dress pick either a very flattering(small) pattern or a solid color to camouflage the tummy. I really like this dress for an apple. It will camouflage your tummy with a thick black waist. The horizontal pattern on the skirt, and the way it has a slight flare to it, really adds to the hips. And the lines going up and away from the bust bring the attention up. Not to mention the smooth knit that won’t add any bulk in unwanted places!

(If you wanted to, you could even add a skinny orange belt on the highest part of the black to give you more of a waist-line.)

Last but not least, my hourglass shaped women! This dress is really simple and easy to wear.

I would take off the belt and wear it with some really comfortable shoes – maybe something simple like Keds. Or you could replace this belt with one that has some color and throw on some leggings with heels.

Either way, it’s going to look great on you.

That’s all for this week’s “How To Wear”. If you can think of a fall staple for next weeks column, leave it in the comments!


I Found A Dress Today – Apple


Normally, I don’t like wrap dress for an apple shape because normally they wrap low near the belly button. However, this Diane Dress by Heartbreaker Fashion wraps high. It wraps right under the bust. For an apple shape under the bust is going to be the smallest part of you – the part you want to focus on.

This dress would be fine for any body type, but it will do more for the apple shaped woman. The skirt flares out and the shoulders are even with the flare of the skirt. This will give you more of an hourglass look with the ties under the bust. The pattern is perfect for camouflaging a tummy bulge. Another big plus, it’s made of 100% cotton. So, you know it’s going to be comfortable.

I’m not saying that you have to run out and buy this exact dress. I like the principles of this dress: nips in at a high waist, flares at the bottom, evens out the bottom flare with something on top, pattern camouflages a tummy. Any dress that does all of those things is going to look good.


How To Wear A Trench Coat


Halloween is almost here in Middle Tennessee. You know what that means: rain. Middle Tennessee falls and winters are filled with chilly temperatures and lots of rain.

I’m having trouble not breaking out the Halloween decorations too early. I thought I would try to focus my attention elsewhere. So, I am focusing it on finding a perfect trench coat for these cool, wet days ahead.

I’m looking in a few places, because living in this area means that you have plenty of shopping choices!

I’m partial to a structured trench coat, because they look good on all body types. If you’re pear shaped you can get a trench with a wide lapel to even you out. If you’re bigger on top get a trench coat with a bottom that flares out. If you’re an hourglass shape – nothing too tight, nothing too baggy. If you have a boy shape a trench instantly adds shape. Try a trench with a cinched waist. An apple shape needs a very structured trench coat with clean lines.

Let’s get started!

I found this beauty at Macy’s. Great for a boy shape!

I love this cape that I found online at Belk for pear shaped ladies! (I kind of want it for myself.)

This adorable trench would be great for a column shape depending on if it is cinched at the waist resulting in a flared out bottom. You’d have to try it on at Target to see.


I like this coat at Kohl’s for an apple shape or a boy shape. It adds some femininity at the shoulders. The wide lapel brings more attention up top. The flared bottom and cinched belt add great shape. I don’t recommend it for an hourglass or column. I think the coat has too much shape on its own that it could look vamp-ish. (Although, if that’s something you’re going for I’m okay with it fitting your personal taste.)

I think this coat(at J.Crew) is fabulous for a pear shape or a column shape. It doesn’t take anything away and it won’t add too much either. If you’re looking for casual – this is it. Looking at it, it wouldn’t be bad for an apple shape as long as the clothes underneath are structured like they should be. Let me sketch something up…

If an apple shape wanted to wear the J. Crew trench coat shown above she would want something underneath like this dress that I just sketched up. The polka dots bring attention to the breasts. The fake camisole underneath is layered to give it a little something extra. The black A-line skirt that makes up the bottom part of the dress would camouflage the tummy and go down to the knees.

That’s all I’ve got today – and I didn’t think of Halloween once!

Happy trench coat shopping and enjoy the cooler weather!


I Found A Dress Today – Column


I’ll be posting a lot of these. So often I find a dress – or an outfit – and think to myself, “Oh! This would be great for a [shape] body type!” There will be a post like this at least once a week. I’ll try to vary the body types evenly. 

I found this lovely little dress on modcloth today. This dress is perfect for a Column Body Type(bigger on top). The flat color with no embellishments on top doesn’t let attention rest on your girls. The tie around the waist brings in your waist and focuses attention there. Not only does it nab attention for the waist, it shares the love by bringing attention down further to the beautiful floral – almost patchwork – on the bottom. The skirt is an A-line shape which adds a triangle to the bottom of the upside-down triangle(the opposite of what we talked about in the Pear Shape post).

If it were me, I would add little red shoes or something to bring a pop of color.



How To Wear A T-shirt


Fitted t-shirts are an essential to any wardrobe. They are versatile and flattering with many different types of clothing.

Baggy tees, however, should never be bought unless your only intention is to sleep in them.

If you have a Column Body Shape (bigger on top) baggy t-shirts can make you look like you have a little – or a lot – extra in the middle. You should be emphasizing that your waist is smaller in comparison. You should be balancing out the top with the bottom. Baggy tees are no help to Column Shapes.

If you want to wear a t-shirt, Column Shaped Ladies, it should be form-fitting and tucked in to the waist of a flared skirt. I’m thinking a tan, crew neck tee with a little skirt like the one shown.

This would definitely balance things out. And if you want to do something absolutely fun with it, add some cute Oxford shoes like these!

Pear Shaped Ladies(bigger on the bottom), cannot wear baggy shirts. Where do baggy shirts hang on pear shaped women? THE HIPS. Baggy t-shirts give you a square shape on top of the upside down triangle that is your hips. This will make your chest look flatter, your tummy look like it might have a bump and your hips look even wider.

Gap Wide Leg trousers

If you’re pear shaped and you like comfy tees (and who doesn’t, right?) wear  a tee with a bit of embellishment on the neckline or close to the shoulders to bring more attention up to your top half. You could also do an off the shoulder tee. Wear some darker denim, wide leg, high-rise trousers to even out the hips. And please, please, please tuck in your t-shirt. Try a red tee to bring even more attention up top.

Okay, Apple Shaped Women(bigger in the middle). You definitely focus on all the wrong parts with a baggy tee. They tend to tighten up on the stomach emphasizing your biggest area. we don’t want to emphasize your biggest area, though. We want to emphasize the smallest!

So, here is what you do: Find a tee that hangs off the shoulder, has a cowl neck, or has embellishments around the neckline. Then, find a bottom with a high waist that flares out from the waist. For apple shaped women, I love these Diane von Furstenberg wide leg pants. They have a great structure and they don’t let attention focus on a belly. These pants would push the attention up if you had a great embellished neckline, a cowl neck, or an off the should tee.

The reason baggy tees don’t fit well on a Boy Shape Lass(no shape) is that it brings the attention nowhere. You don’t have much of a shape and you’re not going to get one wearing a baggy tee.

I recommend a colorful tee with a low neckline. If that’s something you’re not comfortable with you can layer a lace camisole under it. Pair it with some skinny leg jeans and relish in the fact that you are the only body type that can pull them off well! If you wear a low-neck tee with cap sleeves that gives some shape to your upper body. You can pair that with a slightly flared skirt(like this one here) to give some shape to the rest of you.

My biggest problem with baggy tees on Hourglass Shaped Ladies(bigger top and bottom, small waist) is that it can give you the same fake tummy bulge that it would give the Column Shaped Ladies.

You can wear a slightly looser tee without compromising your small middle. Just be sure to tuck it into whatever else you are wearing or wear a belt over it. I’ve always like the look of a scarf wrapped around your waist. Or, I love a floral skirt with a t-shirt on a curvy girl. Especially a skirt that doesn’t flare. It won’t add to the curves and make you look vamp-ish, but it doesn’t detract from the curves either. I found this one on Etsy.