Everybody Has To Do It Eventually… and sometimes often


I did it for hours yesterday. I also kept notes and took pictures. It was painful to my ego and sometimes to my waistline and butt. I still want to share it with you, because everyone has to do it. And no one likes to.

Jeans shopping.

problem areas for pear shaped women

I’m a pear. Pears tend to have problems with fat that sits on the hip(love handles/muffin top), a layer of fat over the lower abdomen(tummy pooch), and fat on the back of your thighs that sits directly under your butt(saddle bags).

My rules to follow for women with a pear shape would be these:

  • mid-rise to high-rise to reduce muffin top
  • boot cut or wide leg to de-emphasize a bigger bottom
  • minimal to no whiskering (I’ll show you why)

I tried on some that I knew would flatter(like the Madison trouser jeans) and some that I knew wouldn’t flatter(like the CK jeans) so that you could see the difference. Some I didn’t know whether or not they would flatter. That’s part of trying on jeans, though. If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

The first pair that I tried on were Lucky brand Sofia Boot cut jeans.

Do you see how the smaller leg brings attention up to the hips? It kind of makes them look bigger by comparison.

The second pair I tried were Nine West(Vintage America) mid-rise boot cut.

Do you see how the wider leg balances out a wider rear? This minimal whiskering isn’t too bad. These jeans give me a bit of a muffin top at first, but they are stretchy. Once I walked around in them for a minute they loosened up and that went away.

The third pair I tried were Lucky brand Sweet’N’Low jeans.

Do you see how the extreme whiskering and distressing can make your legs appear wider? I can see how that would be okay on a stick thin girl, but when it’s on me and it stops at the knees it makes your calves to appear to be non-existent. The eyes focus on things that are brighter. It’s not flattering. Otherwise, the fit on these would have been great. Lucky does have a Sweet’N’Low cut that doesn’t have whiskering. I’d love to try those, but I couldn’t find any.

The fourth pair was Calvin Klein, which I’ve been afraid to try on once I left size zero territory 10 years ago. These are ultimate bootcut.

Again, the shape is good, but the whiskering kind of ruins it.

Jeans became frustrating so I wandered over to pants. I love pants! I found these super cute, Madison wide leg trousers in a denim material. Is that cheating?

Do you see how the wide legs really help to minimize a larger bottom? It’s really great.

Then I went back to the Nine West because I really liked the feel of them. I found some classic rise jeans. I thought I should at least try them on.

Some tips and tricks for trying on jeans:

  • Go when your stomach isn’t full or empty. I’d say about an hour or two after you’ve eaten. That way you can get a better feel and fit. Also, I’m cranky when I’m hungry and that leads to rushed decisions.
  • Make sure you’re not in a hurry. If you have time you won’t get as flustered.
  • Really move around in the jeans. Walk around, crouch down to the floor, bend over. Do everything in the jeans that you will be doing in them after you buy them.

Bend and move around a lot when trying on jeans!

I ended up buying the Madison Trouser Jeans and the Nine West mid-rise boot cut jeans.

The leg and the comfort are what sold me on them. My thing is, I don’t have brand or label hang-ups. All I want is a pair of jeans that fit and flatter. I don’t care if they’re Ralph Lauren, DKNY or Levi’s. How they make you feel about the way you look is what is important. What bothers me is when women that don’t know how to dress themselves put on juicy couture track pants that hang around their hips just because they’re expensive. It’s not the price tag that makes you look good.

The next time I try on jeans I want to try these and these.

Happy jeans hunting! If you have any questions let me know!


How To Prevent Muffin Top



All body types can have a problem with those pockets of fat that sit on top of the hip bone. However, the main body types that are plagued by “muffin top” are Pear, Hourglass and Apple shaped women.

Muffin top can happen to anyone. Muffin top is not a result of being too fat. Muffin top is caused by the wrong size, or type, of clothing. I’m going to go through a few tips for preventing this problem from happening to you.

One of the easiest fixes for muffin top is to get a higher rise on your pants. Low-rise jeans are flattering only on people with zero amounts of fat in their torso. Sadly, that’s about .02% of the population, but the media keeps pushing them on the rest of us.

Another fix is to fit clothing to your hips and have them tailored everywhere else. Say you were shopping and you found a pair of pants that fit your waist/hips perfectly, but they didn’t fit anywhere else. You buy them and spend the moola to get them tailored to fit perfectly.

Yesterday, I wore a pair of pants that normally don’t cause me to have muffin top. However, yesterday I also wore panties that were a little too tight on the hips under those pants. So, as a result, the pants kept resting on the same area that my panties were. My point is that the right kind of underwear is just as important as what you’re wearing over them.

I hope this is helpful. If you have any specific questions, don’t be afraid to ask.


My Style


I have three favorite pieces for the weather right now.

One would be my dav rain boots. I bought them at T.J. Maxx for under $30. Rain boots are a must in winter in the middle Tennessee area. It barely snows, but it is rainy all winter here.

My second favorite is my GAP lightweight corduroy, mustard yellow, skinny legs. I found them at Goodwill for $4.99.

I know, as a pear*, I shouldn’t wear them, but usually I have something that balances them out on top.

Like my favorite winter item #3…

An adorable little sweater from Phase2 – which is no longer open. (However, you can find very cute items in separate stores from the same owner: Bella’s Boutique and Trendy Pieces.) I fell in love with this sweater the second that I saw it. The lace on the shoulders is the perfect balance for wider hips. Also the waist is cinched in. 

I try not to wear all three pieces together too often, though. I love pants/trousers. I have a pair of wide leg, button front gray sailor trousers that I am in love with.  I prefer pants to jeans for any occasion. I love t-shirts with trousers and skinny black suspenders. I also prefer skirts to jeans, too, but it is winter.

When I do wear jeans I wear them with a nice knit or a button up.

I like to mix casual and dressy. Of course, if I have to go really dressy, I prefer to wear my own clothes. There are a few dress that I have that I didn’t make. I have a beautiful blue garden dress for summer and a cute, tattered little black dress for winter.

As for hair and make-up. I have bangs. They are usually down. I like to keep my hair straight most of the time. I’m always changing the color though. It was a spunky yellow blonde with pink streaks. Now, it’s champagne blonde(Revlon Colorsilk 73). The pink streaks are just barely visible underneath. I’m trying to decide if I want to do more.

I wear a lot of foundation, because of old acne scars, but not a lot of other make-up. For foundation I go back and forth between Revlon Colorstay in Ivory and Clinique Even Better in Linen. The Revlon is the closest I’ve found to my skin tone, although still not perfect. It does last a long time, though. I can say 8am to 8pm. The Clinique Even Better foundation is supposed to even out skin tone. I haven’t worn it long enough to comment on that, but I can say that it turns my skin color to orange. If it does start to even out my skin tone and lighten my scars, I’ll let you know. But being orange while it’s supposed to be doing that, doesn’t seem to be worth it. Do I have any very fair skin readers that can suggest a good foundation for other very fair skin women?

Maybelline Mascara, Rimmel blush, e.l.f. lipgloss. If it’s a special occasion I’ll do a brown smoky eye. I also used to wear Revlon Fire and Ice lipstick, but since my son ate mine I haven’t bought a new one. I also like Cover Girl’s Outlast Lipstain.


That’s about all folks. Now you know more about my style and what types of clothing I like. What are some of your winter wardrobe favorites?

*I have had comments that I don’t look like a pear while I’m out. Well, hopefully I don’t. Otherwise, why would you trust me to balance out your shape if I can’t balance out my own? I take that as a huge compliment. Also, I started a work-out regimen about 4 months ago. Maybe I will be closer to a boy shape. That’s not what I’m going for, but that might be what happens. I like my shape. I just want to be more toned.

Apple Shape


I have already written a post on Apple Shaped women “Apples In Winter”, but it was in response to a specific question about layering in winter. This post is going to be the main key points of dressing for an apple shape.

If you’re an Apple Shape than you are proportionally larger around your belly than you are around your bust and your hips. Roughly 14% of women are apples.

Basically, you want to avoid anything that draws unnecessary attention to your stomach. Easier said than done, I know. I’m here to help.

When dressing, your goal is to make your waist appear smaller and your bust and hips to appear larger, or at least more proportioned.

Any shirt that drapes like this is going to make your breasts look like they are part of your stomach.  Which, in turn, makes your stomach appear larger. It also tightens at the hip and that will add further emphasis on your tummy.

You want to look for shirts that provide a clear definition between your breasts and your stomach. Even better is a shirt that provides that separation and also brings attention up to the bust. This shirt is great. I only have one suggestion and that would be to raise the tie up to accentuate the smallest part of you, which is usually directly under the bust. However, you could actually keep the tie where it is to further camouflage your bulk.

i wish this came in my size!

So, the key point to buying shirts is: Emphasize the bust, de-emphasize the belly. And make sure to separate your bust from your stomach. A great way to transform a number of shirts is to add a belt or a sash around the smallest part of you, directly under the bust.

As for bottoms…

Wide leg trousers/jeans are best for your shape. As I’ve said before, skinny leg and straight leg pants can make you look like an ice cream cone. We don’t want that. Mid-rise is best. Not only can it add a bit of tummy control, but it also breaks up your torso and makes your stomach look smaller.

If you’re going with a skirt, go with a skirt that is straight down from your waist or a skirt that flares out.

Stay warm out there, Ladies!


Apples In Winter


Apple Shaped ladies, this one is for you!

(One very important thing that I have to mention,again, beforehand: Make sure you’re wearing the right bra size!!! If you’re girls aren’t up where they are supposed to be they can make your belly look bigger than it actually is. Proper bra size can change your entire body shape if you’re not in the right size now.)

Button up shirts are great for structure, and you need structure to give you the shape you want. If you wear button up shirts look specifically for shirts that are cut for the female form. You’ll know they have the right cut if you lie them flat and they have an hourglass shape or if the darts are in an hourglass shape. I would go with a solid color. You can also find some button up shirts with darts set for accentuating your bust, but you have to make sure that it does hit directly under the bust. I think it’s cute to tie a ribbon around the line under the bust to draw more attention away from the belly. Avoid shirts that are cut above the bust like this one, because it actually makes your breasts disappear into your belly.

Now, for sweaters… If you have the right button-up, you can layer a long sweater over the button up. Stick with a fine knit – nothing bulky like a cable knit. I would recommend layering sweaters instead of boxy sweaters that aren’t meant to be layered. Just throw a white t-shirt under any of these sweaters and you’re good to go.

Personally, I love holiday sweaters. If you find one with the right pattern, it can really emphasize the bust. The key to a good sweater for an apple shape is: emphasize the bust, de-emphasize the belly.

If you’re going to wear something with different colors or something that is multi-tonal make sure that the lighter colors are over your bust and the darker colors are over your belly. I saw a long sleeve shirt that was all maroon, except for the breast piece that was covered in off-white faux fur. It was adorable and it gave exactly the right look. It was by a company called M2M, but the one site that I saw it on only had one. It looked like this:

 As for pants, it really depends on the rest of your shape. I can’t assume one way or the other. Straight leg pants tend to draw attention to your belly, giving you a “lollipop” or “ice cream cone” look. At the very smallest, go with boot-cut pants. However, if you can find wide leg jeans or trousers, which is admittedly hard these days, wear them.

If you want to wear skirts, make sure that they are straight down or flared out at the bottom.

Thanks for asking a great question, Kat! I hope this helps.