Jealousy Can Be Crippling

(This post has been edited and republished on my personal blog here.)

…but let it cripple your haters, not yourself.

I think a little jealousy can be healthy. I think jealousy can be a great motivator to work harder and get where you want to be. Wanna know who I’m jealous of? Oprah Winfrey, Marie Forleo, RuPaul and Anna Wintour. The thing that makes me  jealous of these women is that they carved out their own places in life. They said, “This is my spot. I’m going to take it!” without any apologies. I don’t want any of their spots, though. I want my own. I’m working hard at creating my own. I use those women to motivate me. What originally made me jealous has become my inspiration!

I don’t obsess over them or what they’re doing every step of the way.


That’s when jealousy turns to obsessive jealousy and it can not only hurt you, but it can also hurt those around you. When you’re so focused on what someone else has or what someone else is doing, you have very little time for self-improvement. ( – ) When you’re so busy shining the spotlight on someone else who is shining the spotlight on you or the people who care about you?

SO, instead of being jealous of someone, figure out WHY you’re obsessing over them. You need to evaluate your motives. Evaluate why that person is so important to you and what is lacking in your life. Once you figure out what is lacking you can take steps to improve your own life. You can revert your focus from obsessing about someone else to correcting everything that is wrong in your life. Shine the spotlight on yourself. Figure out what you want and what is inadequate. Take steps to change your life for the better instead of focusing on someone else’s.