I Wanna Know


A study of the shapes of over 6,000 women, carried out by researchers at the North Carolina State University circa 2005, found that 46% were banana (rectangular), just over 20% pear, just under 14% apple, and 8% hourglass.*

So, I want to know if this relates to my readers.


If you’re unsure of your body type fill this out and I’ll get right back to you:
(It’s completely confidential and none of your information will be shared… or even saved.)




Trendy Pieces


Friday I was walking around the square in Murfreesboro. I wasn’t looking in windows because I was trying to get some pictures for Wednesday’s “Out and About” post. I almost walked right past this cute little store that had some very Trendy Pieces in the window. Which, cutely enough, is the store name.

I went inside and it was very comfortable. That’s the best way to describe it. Nothing was outlandish. Everything was just very appealing to the eye. I took some pictures of some of my favorite pieces for different body types.

This was the first dress that I fell in love with – and I fell in love with a few. This dress is made by a company called Effie’s Heart.

Not only is it adorable, but it would compliment most shapes. If you’re in Murfreesboro, or near here, go in and try it on.

If you don’t live in Murfreesboro, check out their C’est La Vie Dress online. It’s worth a look. (And their picture is much better than mine.)

The second dress that I found was in the back of the store. I went back there looking at men’s shirts. My husband’s birthday is next month and he likes practical gifts.

This dress is by a company called Double Zero. I can’t access their website because I’m not a re-seller. But just from this dress, I’m interested. This dress would be great for a boy shape, a pear shape, or a column shape because of the cut and design. It’s going to balance out if you’re heavier on the top or the bottom.

The last dress was pointed out to me by the very nice woman working in the store at the time. It’s another one by Effie’s Heart. It’s sold out online and this was the last one in the store. If I wasn’t trying to veer away from black at the moment, I would have tried it on for myself.

It’s a pin-up style dress with an A-line skirt. It has an adorable tea set print. I love pin-up style dresses on women with boy shapes. It’s just the right touch of tight meets femininity without looking vamp-ish.

If ever in Murfreesboro, TN, or you live there now, definitely go in to Trendy Pieces. There is something in there for everyone, definitely. You can also catch them on facebook.