Lindsay Is No Marilyn


The first issue of Playboy, published in Decem...

I like Lindsay Lohan. I have no problems with her. She’s a mess and the world watches in wonder; hoping she’ll recover. She’s fabulous. She’s got that face. But she is no Marilyn Monroe.

Hugh Hefner is a business minded man. He knew what he was doing. He knows what people want and he gives it to them to make money. He gets a free pass because I’m a fan.

Here’s my big problem with Lindsay’s Marilyn-esque layout in Playboy:
(And it has absolutely nothing to do with Playboy.) 

Lindsay is a COLUMN SHAPE. Marilyn is a PEAR SHAPE. Excuse me, but Lindsay didn’t have the assets to pull off that layout. Did you see how far she had to stick out her rear? Marilyn had a gorgeous butt!

I know that the issue was published a while ago – I liked it – but I didn’t actually start thinking about it until today, because I’m doing a new collection of paintings based on Marilyn’s body.

So, that’s my two cents on that. I wish I could apologize to Marilyn.

How To Wear Marilyn Style Evening Dresses – Plus Size


On Sunday I put together five looks(one for each body type) that were reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe’s classic style. Now, I’m going to extend that article to include plus-size dresses.



This beautiful wiggle dress is going to show off those fabulous curves!

Add this trench,

these darling strappy shoes(or something similar),

and these great sunglasses!







This darling, gray, sheath dress is going to minimize the waist line and add curves with its front pleats.

Add these sexy red pumps and not much else. (similar shoes here)

Of course, you could always tie this red scarf in your hair for some attitude.





This black dress is perfect for you. The short sleeves help to widen the torso, minimizing the width of your hips. The lace detail draws more attention to your top.

Add some nude peep-toe pumps

and these darling(vintage looking) earrings.





The flare of the skirt on this vintage inspired green dress will easily balance out a larger top or broad shoulders. I fell in love with the style of this dress the second I laid eyes on it.

Add to it these beautiful pink crystal earrings

and these lovely brocade shoes.







This lovely, black sweetheart wrap dress is going to emphasize your bust and help to camouflage your tummy.

Add a beautiful diamond and pearl necklace like this Aria necklace,

and some peep-toe, black lace shoes.









I hope you enjoyed this article! Knock ’em dead!

How To Wear Evening Dresses – Marilyn Style


In honor of the new movie “My Week With Marilyn” I have put together five looks(including accessories) so that women of all body types can fit into Marilyn Monroe’s iconic style.
We’ll start with Hourglass.

You’ll have no problem emulating Marilyn’s shape. She wore form-fitting, type-flattering dresses like this Teddy Dress from J. Crew. (similar dresses here)

I’d pair it with this cashmere scarf. Make sure to keep it up and around the neck. We don’t want to draw any attention away from your fabulous shape.
To add a pop of color, go with red heels. You might also want to try brown sunglasses and/or a thin belt. (similar shoes here)



Boy Shape

This perfectly feminine ruched dress will give you the shape you need to have that flirty look that Marilyn pulled off so well. (similar dresses here)

I’m pairing it with a perfectly 50’s fur evening wrap. I had to go to a wedding website to find it. You could also try a fur shrug instead of a wrap or a cropped jacket with a fur lining.

I found these wonderful metallic shoes to pull the look together. (similar shoes here)





This simple, sleek and sexy stretch dress is going to give you that fifties sex symbol look in the pull of a zipper. The wide shoulders will balance out your hips, too. (similar dresses here)

For a splash of fun I’ve added this cute cropped cardigan which will also balance out hips by bringing the attention up.

I couldn’t resist these sophisticated red heels. They won’t draw attention away from how great you look, but they will add a touch of color. (similar shoes here)

Red lips, cat eyes and a red scarf used as a headband would add some fifties details and really pull the look together.



This sheath dress has a fitted bodice and a straight skirt, that I wouldn’t normally recommend to a Column body type. (similar dresses here) However, the accessory that I picked for this dress is going to be more a part of the dress than the others…

This leopard print scarf is not going to be slung around your neck. Nope. You are going to tie this scarf around your hips… low on your hips. Tie it in a bow on the side and leave it gathered like a bustled skirt would look.

Then add these dark blue strappy shoes. These shoes are the epitome of sex. (similar shoes here) Just try not to break your neck. I know I couldn’t walk in these babies.

Don’t shy away from adding some diamonds around your neck or in your hair.




This contrast dress needs no accessories. The way this dress is cut and the placement of the lace is going to break up your biggest problem area: the belly. By breaking it up, it will appear smaller. (similar dresses here)

All I can recommend that you put with this dress is a very simple pair of easy black pumps.

Of course, if it’s cold you could pull on a classic trench made of a very stiff fabric with an empire waist. Or a giant white faux fur coat.


Try not to break too many hearts, Ladies!