Lindsay Is No Marilyn


The first issue of Playboy, published in Decem...

I like Lindsay Lohan. I have no problems with her. She’s a mess and the world watches in wonder; hoping she’ll recover. She’s fabulous. She’s got that face. But she is no Marilyn Monroe.

Hugh Hefner is a business minded man. He knew what he was doing. He knows what people want and he gives it to them to make money. He gets a free pass because I’m a fan.

Here’s my big problem with Lindsay’s Marilyn-esque layout in Playboy:
(And it has absolutely nothing to do with Playboy.) 

Lindsay is a COLUMN SHAPE. Marilyn is a PEAR SHAPE. Excuse me, but Lindsay didn’t have the assets to pull off that layout. Did you see how far she had to stick out her rear? Marilyn had a gorgeous butt!

I know that the issue was published a while ago – I liked it – but I didn’t actually start thinking about it until today, because I’m doing a new collection of paintings based on Marilyn’s body.

So, that’s my two cents on that. I wish I could apologize to Marilyn.