For An Hourglass Friend: Comfortable Style in Earthy Tones


I have a friend that has a gorgeous, voluptuous hourglass shape. She is having a bit of trouble figuring out what her personal style is and how to better reflect on the outside the kind of person she is on the inside. (Don’t we all have that issue from time to time?)

This friend is drawn to Earthy tones, but lately she’s been liking deep purples and hot pinks. Which is fabulous, because purples and pinks can be really complimentary to earth tones… if you do it right.

I have put together a bunch of different styles for different occasions, hoping to inspire and/or help out my friend.

Here is my take on Hourglass evening wear in earth tones with pops of color. You’ll notice that all of the looks are balanced.

Hourglass Glam



These are some casual looks with Jeans…
If you’ve read the Jeans post or have bought the Body Type eBook for Hourglass you’ll note that I say the best jeans for that shape are going to be high-waist, wide leg jeans. But that doesn’t mean those are the only jeans.
Also, this friend has a huge problem tucking in her shirts. She doesn’t like it. It’s uncomfortable. I get it. I don’t like it either. So I tried to create looks that are still balanced without tucking in your tops. (And I added sweaters, because Fall is coming.)

Casual Hourglass



And here’s sort of a mishmash of other kinds of everyday work wear…
Notice the balance of shape is kept with wide-set straps, bold prints and colors.

Hourglass Work Wear


I hope you found this helpful! I tried not to be too stuffy, but at the same time I didn’t want to take any limitations too seriously. I didn’t want to push her too far out of her comfort zone, but I still want her to embrace her shape and mix it up a little.




I don’t know if I’m the only one that loved this movie remake of the popular TV Show from the 60’s and 70’s. I love the cast. I adored the fun, light-hearted feel of the entire movie. To me, it felt like the show. However, my absolute favorite thing about the movie was Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe – costume design by Mary Zophres. (I once toyed with the idea of being a costumer for movies, but quickly realized how much responsibility I’d have after working in the costume department in college.)

Her clothes are, in one word, cute. If I had to go on I’d use words like classic, flowing, feminine, and casual.

I’m going to alter outfits from three different scenes for this post. I’m going to use her dancing in the rain skirt outfit, her perusing the coffee shop outfit and the divorce party outfit.

I want her entire wardrobe, but it wouldn’t work for my body type. Nicole has a very long, lean Pilates and yoga body. You can put her in anything. My body, despite my warrior dash training, is still pear shaped and always will be. So I’m going to start there.


Bewitched by Pear


Bewitched by Column


Bewitched by Apples


Bewitched by Boy


Bewitched by Hourglass

I hope you have as much fun imagining yourself in these clothes as I did!

How To Look Like Annie Hall


I’m seeing this look EVERYWHERE right now. So, I thought I’d work with it.  I love the mix of female patterns with androgynous shapes and cuts. I also love the mix of textures. Nothing was off the table.

I’ll show you how to make her look work for your body type.


The color of the vest blends with the color of the shirt and minimizes the bust. The bell-bottom jeans help to balance out a larger bust by making your hips appear larger.

Annie Hall - Column


The vest helps to pull in the waist. The shorts give your bottom some extra shape. The pants in the second look will widen your bottom half, making your waist look smaller. The shirt sitting at the hips will make your hips appear larger.

Annie Hall - Boy
The prints on the shirts bring more attention up to your neckline, decreasing the attention being brought to your tummy. You could add a scarf if you’d like, but it’s not really necessary because of the collars on these shirts.
Annie Hall - Apple


This sweater is the perfect cut for accentuating your shape without taking anything away or adding any bulk.
Annie Hall - Hourglass
The wide sleeve opening on the short sleeve shirt adds shape to your top. That balances out your bottom.
Annie Hall - Pear

Of course, this is just my interpretation of her look. If you have a look that you’d like to see altered to fit every body type let me know in the comments.

How To Wear A Mini-Skirt


EDIT: I have a more recent and better illustrated article on mini skirts here. It has more detailed information and sets from polyvore with more complete looks.

What a fun way to start the week! I’ve been looking forward to this post about mini-skirts since last Monday.

I am aware of the stigma that mini-skirts are slutty. I disagree. It really depends on how you wear them. That is what we’re going to talk about today.

We’ll start with pear shape. This Buffalo Jeans skirt
has beautiful lace detail. Because it is black you can wear it with a brighter/lighter top so that all the attention is going to be pulled upward – away from the hips.

If you’re worried about the stigma try it with something sweet like cream ballet flats and this t-shirt from Generation Love. I would try to keep the bottom of the shirt from falling on the hips by maybe pulling it up and tucking it in or tying it in the back. Another great match to soften up this skirt would be an adorable tweed jacket like this one.

I love this adorable tiered skirt from Forever21. It’s great to balance out a column shape. It doesn’t need much.

It’s such a sweet skirt, I’d love to see it with something edgy – a black denim jacket perhaps. I think a great addition would be black booties, just for fun.

Apple shaped women can wear mini-skirts. Honestly. It might just be harder for you to find one. It can be done. Look for something that has a structured waist and a flare in the skirt. You’d need a stiff fabric(tweed, denim, etc.) that would hold the shape.

This is my own design for an apple shape body type, but I don’t mind sharing, because it gives you a really good idea of what to look for. This skirt has open darts that give it some poof away from the tummy.

This is the prettiest skirt that I have seen thus far for a boy shape. You wouldn’t need much with it. I’m thinking a grey scoop neck(or cowl neck) camisole and a very long necklace with black flats or heels. You should go with any mini skirt that has lace or extra layers. A cute cargo skirt with pockets on the side would add some shape. A bubble skirt would also give the desired effect.

It’s harder on hourglass shaped women to keep from looking like their up to no good in a mini skirt. To prevent this, you want to keep everything else on top covered. I think it’s classic and beautiful to pair a shorter skirt with longer sleeves. Pair this skirt with a long sleeve t-shirt to keep it simple and fun. You could also do a button up blouse with a rounded collar to dress it up.

I hope this was helpful for you. I do love seeing mini-skirts in the fall. It’s fun to sneak them in when no one expects them. If you’re worried about getting cold, wear tights or leggings under them. Brown tights with black – or even red – Oxford booties would look excellent with a few of these skirts. Have fun with them.

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Pear Shape


Pear Shaped body types are proportionally larger around the hips and butt than they are anywhere else.

20% of women are pear shaped. On the plus side, men are subconsciously attracted to women with wide hips. It goes back to our animal nature. Wider hips are developed during puberty. Wider hips are related to how fertile we are, whether it’s true or not.

illustration and designs by me

However, if your being pear shaped bothers you and you would like to balance it out, I can give you a few tips.

One way is to wear shirts with sleeves that hang off the shoulders. For example, take this shirt and tuck it into some mid-to-high waist, wide leg jeans. This would be a great day to day look.

If you’re looking for something more dressy… Try tucking this shirt into a black skirt like this one.

The idea is to bring the attention up. This is how I explained it to my husband. If you want to balance out a triangle at the bottom you would have to add an upside-down triangle to the top.

I hope this is helpful. Feel free to comment or ask questions!