I don’t know if I’m the only one that loved this movie remake of the popular TV Show from the 60’s and 70’s. I love the cast. I adored the fun, light-hearted feel of the entire movie. To me, it felt like the show. However, my absolute favorite thing about the movie was Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe – costume design by Mary Zophres. (I once toyed with the idea of being a costumer for movies, but quickly realized how much responsibility I’d have after working in the costume department in college.)

Her clothes are, in one word, cute. If I had to go on I’d use words like classic, flowing, feminine, and casual.

I’m going to alter outfits from three different scenes for this post. I’m going to use her dancing in the rain skirt outfit, her perusing the coffee shop outfit and the divorce party outfit.

I want her entire wardrobe, but it wouldn’t work for my body type. Nicole has a very long, lean Pilates and yoga body. You can put her in anything. My body, despite my warrior dash training, is still pear shaped and always will be. So I’m going to start there.


Bewitched by Pear


Bewitched by Column


Bewitched by Apples


Bewitched by Boy


Bewitched by Hourglass

I hope you have as much fun imagining yourself in these clothes as I did!

Boys with Shoulders


I had someone comment on the troubles of finding jean looks for boy shapes with broad shoulders.

As a boy shape it is already hard to create a perfectly balanced hourglass shape. If you wear something that flares at the hips you could end up looking like a pair, but if you wear something that brings too much attention to wider shoulders you’ll look like you can’t carry your own weight.

I put some cute jeans looks together just for this specific problem.

I do not recommend boyfriend jeans for boy shapes, because they tend to create a boxy look on their own. Boyfriend jeans will not do you any favors.

Bootcut jeans are great for every body type. Bootcut jeans are great for boys specifically because they elongate the legs like elephant leg pants(also known as wide leg), but they aren’t as outdated. (But I put an outfit together with elephant leg pants, too.)

If you do have wider shoulders and no hips I would recommend a button up that is cut to flatter curves. You can tell if it’s cut right by laying it down flat. If it’s flat and it’s shaped like a box it is no good. But if you lay it flat and it has its own hourglass shape then it will be very flattering on a boy shape. (This also works for all body types) Of course, I’m always tempted to put ruched sleeves on a boy shape, but that won’t work if you have wider shoulders. A sleeveless button-up might sound like a good alternative, but it will pull more attention to your wide shoulders because of the straight shoulder lines that are typically on a button-up shirt.

I paired the elephant pants with a very simple shirt, because the wide leg jeans do most of the work for you. All you have to do is make sure you’re not pulling unneeded attention to your shoulders.

If you’re going to wear skinny jeans at all I’d recommend a mid-rise cigarette pant, because they aren’t as tight as skinny jeans. They’ll still give you a proper balance.

I paired these cigarette pants with a deep, wide, v-neck. Normally, if you’re trying to balance out wide shoulders you wouldn’t want that neckline. However, this shirt has its own waist and balances out the wide neck with a slightly a-line flare from the waist.

Bell bottoms can make your legs look shorter, but they make your hips look wider. So if you can pair them with pointed toe shoes and a shirt that still pulls in at the waist then those two things will balance out wider shoulders.

I paired the bell bottoms with a cardigan that has contrast piping around the neck and down the front. This will do two things: it will create an hourglass shape against the bell-bottom jeans; and it will pull the attention from the neckline down to your hips – and away from your shoulders.

For the fifth look I paired high-waisted skinny jeans with a nice blouse to show you how a high-waist can break up your torso to create shape.

jeans boy shape wide shoulders

If you want to see more on dressing for a boy shape check out this article. It has all of my dressing tips for boy shapes in one place. It also links to all other dressing tips and examples of them.



photo (19)If I have previously written about a staple it will be linked to that post.


T-shirts must always be fitted. Otherwise, follow the rules for casual shirts.

Casual Shirts:

You either want to wear a shirt that breaks up your torso and gives you shape or wear a plain shirt and let the rest of the outfit do the work.


You can go with something structured, a blouse that is gathered at the waist, or even a men’s button up with a belt at the waist. Any of these things will work for you. However, if there is no waist on your blouse you’ll need to add a belt or wear something that your blouse can be tucked into. Puff sleeves and ruffles on the bust are a good idea, too.


Wrap sweaters are great for boy shapes if they have a tie at the waist. Also, any plain sweater that you can add a belt to is great. I really like the mushroom type of sweater that is tight on the waist, but bellows out above the waist. Those are really cute for a boy shape.


You can wear a slouchy blazer if you add a skinny belt to it. There are some really cute blazers with elastic in the waist. Skinnier or shorter lapels on blazers with pockets on the hips will also do the trick. (A thicker or longer lapel will be overwhelming on your straight frame.)


Skirts and Mini Skirts:

I think it’s a good idea to break up your torso with a high-waisted skirt. High-waist skirts creat the look of longer legs, too. Skirts with wide waistbands are good for your shape. If you want to bring more attention to your hips, and create the illusion of curves, you can wear a low-rise skirt with a wide waistband – as long as it doesn’t give you a muffin top. Flared, bubble or cargo skirts will give you a little extra shape as well.

Skinny Jeans:


That being said… Low-rise skinny jeans are going to make your torso look twice as long and your legs look half as long. Avoid them.  If you can find high-rise skinny jeans, those would be best. If you can only find mid-rise then make sure that you are breaking up your torso and cinching in your waist.


High-rise jeans will break up your torso, which can help to give more curves. Bell bottom jeans create the illusion of wider hips, but be careful because they can also shorten your legs. Your best bet is going to be a mid to high-rise bootcut jean.


I love a high-waist, darted trouser for boy shapes. An open dart on a high waist trouser will give you some shape. Make sure that whatever pants you wear are fitted to your rear. Fitted clothing can go a long way to defining curves that you don’t think you have.  You can also wear low-rise trousers(be wary of muffin top) with a skinny belt. That will help to bring attention to your hips. Just be sure to balance that out on top. Width of the leg can vary depending on rise and the top you pair it with.


Little Black Dress:

The best little black dress for you will be one that pulls in at the waist. If it’s cut in a way that creates some curves – whether it be a flowy skirt, a low neck line, etc. – that’s even better.


Look for a romper with a tie waist or an elastic waist. Your body type would look best in a 40’s style pleated romper with short sleeves and wide shorts.

boy shapeSwimwear:

If you are a boy shape (or rectangle or banana) then you have a very straight shape. Other than padding your bathing suits there are a few things you can do to give yourself some va-va-voom. My favorite two-piece for a boy shape would have a bandeua top with ruching in the center and a simple side-tie bikini bottom. You can add convertible straps to your top if you feel like you need them, but the shape of the bandeau top is going to break up your torso and draw attention to your bust – even if you don’t have much of one. Another way to add some shape is to look for a bikini with ruffles on the bust and booty. Looking for a one-piece? I got you covered, almost. Go for a one piece with cut-outs at the sides or lines that create an hourglass shape. Either one gives the illusion of a more shapely torso.


My Finger Hurts


I made these yesterday for the e-books that I’m working on.

It took hours with markers, colored pencils, thick cardstock, glue, a paintbrush and an X-acto knife.

I realized that I can’t use my polyvore images for the e-books. I have to start from scratch for these things. Which is nerve-racking, but also exciting at the same time. It’s going to take a lot more work than I originally thought. In my posts I picked the clothes first then explained why those clothes work. This time I’m going to have to make the clothes specific to the doll working around specific rules and tips. My goal was to finish it by the end of June. I’m still going to try to stick to that goal.

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce you to the women that you’ll be seeing in your body specific e-book.

Left to right: Sally (Column), Regina (Apple), Ashley (Boy), Judy (Pear) and Nancy (Hourglass).

How To Pick Your Prom Dress – Boy Shape


You don’t have to be straight-laced just because you have a straight body. I’m here to give you some curves with some flare.

The first dress that I picked for you is fun and funky. It also gives you some shape in the hips, pulls some attention to your bust and divides up your torso with some sheen at the waist.

The second dress that I found has gathering under the bust to give you some shape there. It pulls in at the waist. The pleated skirt gives you some shape in the booty and lengthens the line of the leg.

High-waist anything(like these two dresses) looks great on boy shapes because it makes your legs look like they go on forever while breaking up your torso. But you have to be extremely careful with the length if it’s a skirt or shorts. Too short looks even shorter with a higher waist.

Boy at Prom

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New Year’s Dresses!


The holidays are fast approaching! Let’s jump right in.


This One-Shoulder Peplum Dress is all about giving shape… and attitude. It cinches in at the waist with a leather belt and white peplum flares out at the hip. It will give you a more hourglass shape. The pencil skirt keeps it classic and chic for a New Year’s party.

Find similar dresses here. Just remember to cinch in at the waist and create curves. Don’t wear anything that just hangs there. That rule applies to every body type!


I love this Presidio Poise Dress for an hourglass. You have very defined curves so you can wear this dress without worrying about your breasts disappearing into your stomach. It’s a perfect cut with a flattering waist and cap sleeves. It would be easy to dress up for NYE with the right shoes. You could even replace the belt for a pop of shine or color.

View similar dresses here. Make sure there are no cuts across the hips or too high on the torso. You’ll turn your hourglass into a pear or a column.


A flared skirt or a line across the hips is completely necessary for a Column. This Jersey & Taffeta Dress will compliment your shape perfectly. All the attention is pulled straight down to the flared skirt with darling rosettes. It’s a fabulously effortless dress that you will look wonderful in!

For similar dresses go here. Make sure to keep the girls up where they belong. No draping. You want a defined waist and a wide skirt.


This stunning Mixed-Media Dress has all the right details to compliment your shape. The pretty neckline and shirred bust of this dress will do great things to separate your bust from your tummy. The black horizontal ruching across the stomach will minimize any bulge. The velvet scroll flocking on the flared skirt will really balance you out.

View similar dresses here. Remember to minimize the stomach by accentuating the bust/shoulders and hips/derriere.


The straight line of the skirt of this Beaded Sheath Dress minimizes the hips while the squared shoulders balance them out. There isn’t much else to say about this elegant dress.

View similar dresses here. Remember to pull the attention to your bust or your shoulders. If you’re going to wear a dress that cinches in, have it directly under the bust to minimize the hips. Stay away from flared skirts, unless it’s at the knee and you have a top that accentuates the bust or shoulders to balance out the flare.

I hope this makes New Year’s Dress shopping easier for you. I’ll be posting coats to match your dresses later in the week. Have a great Thanksgiving!

How To Wear A Sweater Dress – Part 2


I know I already covered sweater dresses. I wanted to give you more options at different price ranges.


This is a darling Shelli Segal sweater dress from Saks Fifth Avenue that comes in at $195. It’s got beautiful ribbing and a wide boat neck. I love the almost kimono sleeves that are going to help balance out the width of your hips and bum. I love the belt that it already has on there, but don’t hesitate to switch it up. Try a black or red belt.

This is a lovely Jones Wear sweater dress for a pear shape. This dress has a cowl neck, short kimono sleeves and beautiful ribbing. What sets this dress apart is the detailing around the bust. The other dress is more classic, but this dress has more personality. No belt needed. You can get this at JCPenney for $66.99


I am in love with both of these dresses and kind of wishing that my proportions were opposite right now.

First we have this absolutely stunning Lilly Pullitzer sweater dress. The pink stripes really pull the attention down to the hem-line. The puff sleeves add some flare. The tie around the waist really pulls the entire look together. This is the perfect dress for a column shape. You can get this at Saks for $198.

This Calvin Klein dress brings the attention to the hips not with bold stripes, like the other dress, but with cute fringe. It’s got a wonderful neckline and sleek sleeves. The only thing is that I would add a belt to it, because we don’t want your waist to disappear. This dress is available at Macy’s for $99.


This adorable blue Josephine sweater dress is going to look great on your curves. I love the scoop-neck and the amazing color. It will be hard to not pull off this dress well. I’d love to see it with an extremely wide belt and some boots. Brown or black would look fabulous. If you want to turn it into a sailor dress you could add a white belt and red shoes, or vice versa. Get it at Bluefly for $152.99.

Both dresses have the same sleeve length, the same ribbing around the hems and the same shape. This one from Connected Apparel, however, is only $33.99 and it has an added cowl neck. Again, I’d add a wide belt for emphasizing the waist. They’re both great sweater dresses for bangles, too.


I love this Shelli Segal dress for an apple shape. I love the thick black waist and the pattern that draws attention to the bust and hips. The kimono sleeves add more width up top to distract you from a bigger belly. The black waistline not only minimizes the stomach it will separate your stomach from your bust. You can get this dress for $210.99 at Zappos.

This one I love just as much for an apple. The cowl neck draws attention up. The flared skirt pulls your shape out to give you more of an hourglass. The belt, the belt… the way it’s going to cinch in that waist line, it’s fabulous! And this belted sweater dress you can get, right now on sale, at JCPenney for only $27.99. I think that’s the best deal of the day.


How cute and flirty is this Ric Rac sweater dress? Very. The zig-zag lines add colorful definition to places that normally don’t have it. The sash belt is going to cinch in the waist and give you even more of an hourglass shape. They are actually sold out on the Saks website, but you can easily type “ric-rac sweater dress” into google search and find some on eBay for under $200.

This adorable, also patterned, Kensie dress is going to do the same for your shape… give you some. But, unlike the other dress, this won’t have to be layered as much. You could add a skinny black belt at the waist if you wanted, but the way this dress is cut, it’s not really necessary. This dress can be rung up for $98 at Dillard’s.

I hope this will help you stay warm out there!!!

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I get a lot of flack for not posting about plus-size clothing and plus-size body types. I have two things to say about it.

1) Even if you are plus-size, you still fit into one of the main body types. Body types are about proportion. If your bust is larger than your waist and your hips, you are a Column Shape. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 38″, 28″, 32″ or if you’re a 54″, 38″, 44″. If you’re not proportionately bigger anywhere – say you’re a 42″, 38″, 42″ –  you are a boy shape. Etc. On the other hand, every woman is different. I can only give you key information for a body type in general. If you have a specific question, ask me. If you want a personalized consultation, you can book one. Other than that, I cannot personalize my posts – it would leave out too many people.

2) It is really hard to find flattering clothing for any body type when you’re looking. I must pour over 100’s of pieces of clothing every time I write a post. Plus-size or not, it is hard to find flattering clothing for every body type. But it is, admittedly, especially hard to find flattering clothing for plus-size women. This is precisely what prompted me to start a clothing line that flatters all body types. I don’t care if you’re 110 pounds or 320 pounds, clothes are supposed to make you look and feel good. My clothing line is for exactly that. The clothing line is going to be produced by hand – each piece. Then, if you want to order a specific piece it is customized to fit you perfectly, for your shape, for your size.

On a related note: I know my girls aren’t plus-size. The point isn’t the size, it’s to clearly demonstrate the different body types. They are a tool for me to show you how to wear clothing that flatters your body shape. And they are a tool for me to design clothes to flatter specific body types as well.

I am as frustrated as you are when it comes to the fashion industries lack of consumer consciousness. It makes me furious when I can’t find something that I know should be readily available. Sometimes, it’s especially infuriating when it’s not even for me.

So, this was a little more of a rant than I expected it to be, but I’m really passionate about flattering fits for all women.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I truly appreciate all the support that I have gotten since the beginning of this blog and for my kickstarter project. Of course, if this doesn’t pan out, I might skip over women altogether and start designing for drag queens. It’s something I’ve wanted to do anyway. ;)

EDIT: The kickstarter project was not successfully funded. There didn’t seem to be a lot of interest in high-end clothing for women of every body type. I will be passing on this for now. Don’t worry. I plan on coming back to it later. I’m putting all of my focus into a company that I’m trying to start…


Did I Tell You?



I know that I’ve mentioned that I was designing a clothing line for women of all body types. Did I mention that I completed the designs last week? The Spring/Summer line consists of 25 designs – 5 designs for each body type.

I think it’s about time I went full force with this. My dream is to have a boutique full of pieces of my own design. Not only will women be able to shop there, they will also be able to pick clothing based on their body type and have my designs tailored to fit them perfectly. I would love to be able to travel the world and be inspired by other cultures in other countries. I would love to be able to bring home materials from other places and put them to good use dressing your body type.

Currently, I’m working on my video for my kickstarter. (If you don’t know what kickstarter is, you should definitely check them out. They not only allow people to get funding they need for arts projects, they also help people stay involved with the projects that they are helping to fund. It’s a great way for someone like me, who wouldn’t normally have access to any type of grants or loans, to gain funding and exposure for projects.) Really, the video is done. All I need now is music for the video. I’m looking for something peppy and feminine, but I can’t use copyrighted music.

If you know of anyone who might want their music featured on a kickstarter project, let me know. It will be credited to them at the end of the video. Like I said, I’m looking for something peppy and feminine, but also fun. Thanks.

Soon, it will be up and I hope to have your full support.

However, I don’t want to cloud my Body Image blog with posts about my kickstarter. I’ll leave a reminder at the bottom of posts, but it will be back to normal body shape/type blogs after this.

Love Always,

Liz Kelly Zook

EDIT: I found a great song for my video called ” Times Are Changing” by a great local band – Jump Start Your Heart. You can find them on facebook or you can check them out here:

EDIT: December 2, 2011 – The kickstarter was unsuccessful. I will not be pursuing this endeavor any further right now. I do have plans to come back to it later once my company is off the ground.