INTRODUCING… The Dressing For Your Body Type eBooks!


Dressing For Your Body Type eBooks

Otherwise known as PDF files! I finally got around to putting the pertinent information into short, easy to read eBooks! You can read them on your phone or print them off and stick them in your purse!

To purchase these very inexpensive little eBooks, you can just hop over to the Body Types eBook page!


Sunbathing Hourglass


Dressing an hourglass can vary greatly depending on whether you want to accentuate your curves or minimize them. If you want my advice, I say “accentuate them, baby!” Most women would kill for a perfectly proportioned hourglass shape; this girl included.

Here are my hourglass tips:

  • Accentuate your waistline if you’re wearing a one-piece!
  • Balance your top with your bottom. If you have ruffles on the top, you need ruffles on the bottom. If you have a bold pattern on the top, you need an equally bold pattern on the bottom. Especially be wary of your cut. If the top is a string bikini, the bottom needs to be the same. If your top is modest, your bottom should be as well.

And that’s really about it for hourglass!

Sunbathing Hourglass

If you have more specific body typing questions, I’m always willing to answer them. In fact, that’s my favorite thing. So just leave your question in the comments!

How To Pick Your Prom Dress – Boy Shape


You don’t have to be straight-laced just because you have a straight body. I’m here to give you some curves with some flare.

The first dress that I picked for you is fun and funky. It also gives you some shape in the hips, pulls some attention to your bust and divides up your torso with some sheen at the waist.

The second dress that I found has gathering under the bust to give you some shape there. It pulls in at the waist. The pleated skirt gives you some shape in the booty and lengthens the line of the leg.

High-waist anything(like these two dresses) looks great on boy shapes because it makes your legs look like they go on forever while breaking up your torso. But you have to be extremely careful with the length if it’s a skirt or shorts. Too short looks even shorter with a higher waist.

Boy at Prom

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How To Pick Your Wedding Gown – Pear


It’s wedding season! That means a lot of us are scrambling around looking for the perfect wedding gown. 

Pear: Both of these wedding gowns have scoop-necks. It’s not necessary for a pear shape. That’s just what I found. Either of these gowns would work well without the scoop-neck. The first dress is great for narrow shoulders. The silver on the shoulders really brings the attention up there and away from the hips. The second dress has a great square shape to balance out an upside down triangle(big hips). I normally wouldn’t recommend a box on a triangle, but it still pulls in at the waist. 


How To Wear A Tuxedo – Holiday Style – Boy Shape


This velvet tux jacket just looks like the most warm and cozy thing ever. But it’s got a hip 1950’s twist to it, because it’s blue velvet. Though this jacket is made for a rebel, we’re going to pair it with something more traditional.

We don’t want to pair a slouchy jacket with baggy pants. So we’re putting it with these slim tuxedo pants – also velvet. You will be able to pull it off like no other shape can, Boy shape. Make sure that the top you’re wearing underneath the jacket is flattering to your bust. Something with ruffles, frills, or a cowl neck. Anything that will give your bust some shape underneath that big jacket.

Here is how it will look on. 

You’ll have a hard time not enjoying how great you look when you wear this out this holiday season!




I get a lot of flack for not posting about plus-size clothing and plus-size body types. I have two things to say about it.

1) Even if you are plus-size, you still fit into one of the main body types. Body types are about proportion. If your bust is larger than your waist and your hips, you are a Column Shape. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 38″, 28″, 32″ or if you’re a 54″, 38″, 44″. If you’re not proportionately bigger anywhere – say you’re a 42″, 38″, 42″ –  you are a boy shape. Etc. On the other hand, every woman is different. I can only give you key information for a body type in general. If you have a specific question, ask me. If you want a personalized consultation, you can book one. Other than that, I cannot personalize my posts – it would leave out too many people.

2) It is really hard to find flattering clothing for any body type when you’re looking. I must pour over 100’s of pieces of clothing every time I write a post. Plus-size or not, it is hard to find flattering clothing for every body type. But it is, admittedly, especially hard to find flattering clothing for plus-size women. This is precisely what prompted me to start a clothing line that flatters all body types. I don’t care if you’re 110 pounds or 320 pounds, clothes are supposed to make you look and feel good. My clothing line is for exactly that. The clothing line is going to be produced by hand – each piece. Then, if you want to order a specific piece it is customized to fit you perfectly, for your shape, for your size.

On a related note: I know my girls aren’t plus-size. The point isn’t the size, it’s to clearly demonstrate the different body types. They are a tool for me to show you how to wear clothing that flatters your body shape. And they are a tool for me to design clothes to flatter specific body types as well.

I am as frustrated as you are when it comes to the fashion industries lack of consumer consciousness. It makes me furious when I can’t find something that I know should be readily available. Sometimes, it’s especially infuriating when it’s not even for me.

So, this was a little more of a rant than I expected it to be, but I’m really passionate about flattering fits for all women.

I hope you all have a great weekend. I truly appreciate all the support that I have gotten since the beginning of this blog and for my kickstarter project. Of course, if this doesn’t pan out, I might skip over women altogether and start designing for drag queens. It’s something I’ve wanted to do anyway. ;)

EDIT: The kickstarter project was not successfully funded. There didn’t seem to be a lot of interest in high-end clothing for women of every body type. I will be passing on this for now. Don’t worry. I plan on coming back to it later. I’m putting all of my focus into a company that I’m trying to start…


I Found A Dress Today – Column


This skirt is absolutely fabulous, especially if you need to balance out something on top. I think it would be great for the holidays with a very plain silver tank top. For fun add some gold or copper colored shoes. Mixed metals are always a big thing around the holidays. Try a shirt like this one:

Whatever you wear with it, remember to keep it simple. The skirt is the staple of this outfit.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend through the fog!


Did I Tell You?



I know that I’ve mentioned that I was designing a clothing line for women of all body types. Did I mention that I completed the designs last week? The Spring/Summer line consists of 25 designs – 5 designs for each body type.

I think it’s about time I went full force with this. My dream is to have a boutique full of pieces of my own design. Not only will women be able to shop there, they will also be able to pick clothing based on their body type and have my designs tailored to fit them perfectly. I would love to be able to travel the world and be inspired by other cultures in other countries. I would love to be able to bring home materials from other places and put them to good use dressing your body type.

Currently, I’m working on my video for my kickstarter. (If you don’t know what kickstarter is, you should definitely check them out. They not only allow people to get funding they need for arts projects, they also help people stay involved with the projects that they are helping to fund. It’s a great way for someone like me, who wouldn’t normally have access to any type of grants or loans, to gain funding and exposure for projects.) Really, the video is done. All I need now is music for the video. I’m looking for something peppy and feminine, but I can’t use copyrighted music.

If you know of anyone who might want their music featured on a kickstarter project, let me know. It will be credited to them at the end of the video. Like I said, I’m looking for something peppy and feminine, but also fun. Thanks.

Soon, it will be up and I hope to have your full support.

However, I don’t want to cloud my Body Image blog with posts about my kickstarter. I’ll leave a reminder at the bottom of posts, but it will be back to normal body shape/type blogs after this.

Love Always,

Liz Kelly Zook

EDIT: I found a great song for my video called ” Times Are Changing” by a great local band – Jump Start Your Heart. You can find them on facebook or you can check them out here:

EDIT: December 2, 2011 – The kickstarter was unsuccessful. I will not be pursuing this endeavor any further right now. I do have plans to come back to it later once my company is off the ground.

I Found A Dress Today – Plus Pear or Hourglass


I just love a beautiful wrap dress for a lot of body types. I especially love this one for a pear or an hourglass

…and it comes in plus sizes.

The same rules apply to body typing even when you’re in plus sizes. If you’re a pear then you still want to balance out your hips with your bust or shoulders. If you’re an hourglass, you still want to avoid being tight on the waist. (Both body types need to stay away from low-rise jeans.)

Sorry for the quickness of the post, but we’re doing some rearranging in the house today.

Enjoy the sunshine, Ladies!