I don’t know if I’m the only one that loved this movie remake of the popular TV Show from the 60’s and 70’s. I love the cast. I adored the fun, light-hearted feel of the entire movie. To me, it felt like the show. However, my absolute favorite thing about the movie was Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe – costume design by Mary Zophres. (I once toyed with the idea of being a costumer for movies, but quickly realized how much responsibility I’d have after working in the costume department in college.)

Her clothes are, in one word, cute. If I had to go on I’d use words like classic, flowing, feminine, and casual.

I’m going to alter outfits from three different scenes for this post. I’m going to use her dancing in the rain skirt outfit, her perusing the coffee shop outfit and the divorce party outfit.

I want her entire wardrobe, but it wouldn’t work for my body type. Nicole has a very long, lean Pilates and yoga body. You can put her in anything. My body, despite my warrior dash training, is still pear shaped and always will be. So I’m going to start there.


Bewitched by Pear


Bewitched by Column


Bewitched by Apples


Bewitched by Boy


Bewitched by Hourglass

I hope you have as much fun imagining yourself in these clothes as I did!

Apples in the Sun


Apple shaped women have a particularly hard time finding swimwear. It seems as though, these days, all swimsuits are designed to expose and flaunt your stomach. I would have loved to have lived in the 50’s when swimsuits were made to accentuate curves in a modest way. Of course, I find absolutely nothing wrong with an apple wearing a more revealing swimsuit or a two-piece. You just have to find the right suit.

Here are some tips:

  • Find a one-piece with a pattern or dark solid color on the stomach to camouflage any unflattering areas.
  • Use bolder patterns or brighter colors to draw attention to your bust or hips instead of your tummy.
  • Find a suit that is going to show off the smallest part of your torso(directly under your bust). It will give your torso a longer/leaner look.
  • If you’re going for a two-piece find bottoms that are going to accentuate your hipbone*. This will draw attention away from the tummy while making your hips appear curvier.

*I like the two bottoms that I found here. The cut-out bottom on the left will make straight hips look curvier while hiding a lower pooch. The second bottom has lines that pull your eyes down and out – away from the tummy. I paired the second bottom with a bright patterned top that is also going to help to pull the eye away from any tummy insecurities you might have.

Apples in the Sun
Hey Hourglass, you’re next!
If you have more specific body typing questions, I’m always willing to answer them. In fact, that’s my favorite thing. So just leave your question in the comments!



photo (21)If I have previously written about a staple it will be linked to that post.


T-shirts must always be fitted. Otherwise, follow the rules for casual shirts.

Casual Shirts:

You need to find a casual top that emphasizes your bust and brings as little attention as possible to your belly. (However, baggy shirts with embellishments around the bust are a no-no, because they make your bust disappear into your stomach.) You need attention to be drawn to the smallest part of your torso.


I recommend a very structured blouse for you. Go with something that, when laid flat, is cut like an hourglass. You can also look for blouses that are cut under the bust to bring attention up. Ruffled sleeves are also good. So is ruffling along the bust. Tunics are great for your body type, because they can easily camouflage a tummy if you follow the other rules for blouses.


Cowl neck sweaters distract from your belly. If they’re big enough they can also minimize the appearance of your belly. Tunic sweaters are good as long as they are pulling in at the smallest part of your torso – right under the bust.


Blazers that are going to de-emphasize your belly are going to have a wide-open lapel and neck line. They need to be very structure – like your blouses.


Skirts and Mini Skirts:

Look for skirts with very defined waists and a flared, or ruffled, skirt. You’ll need a slightly stiff fabric that will hold the shape well. (Stiff does not mean uncomfortable.) High-waisted skirts are an option as well. They will minimize a larger tummy and lengthen the look of your legs. Be wary of pencil skirts or any skirts that are cut close to the leg. They can actually put more attention on your stomach.

Skinny Jeans:


That being said… mid-rise, flat front skinny jeans are going to be best. One great thing about skinny jeans is that they look great under tunics.


Apples look best in wide leg jeans. Bell bottoms make your tummy look bigger. You will also look best in a mid-rise or higher waist. To avoid the “mom jeans” look, find jeans with a flat front panel. No pleats, please!


Wide leg, flat front, mid-rise trousers are going to work best. Anything less than something that falls straight down from your hips is going to create an ice cream cone shape.


Little Black Dress:

The best dress for an apple is going to be an empire waist dress, because an empire waist dress is going to pull in at the smallest part of your torso. Even better would be an empire waist dress with ruching, lace or embellishments at the bust to bring the eye up. Even better than that would be an empire waist dress that draws your eye up to the bust and pulls your eye straight down from the belly with a straight skirt – minimizing the appearance of a larger stomach.


Look for a color-blocked romper that has darker bottom and a brighter top. Also look for rompers with a high waist and wide legs. If you can’t find one that is color-blocked like that, it’s okay. Just stick with a high waist and wide legs. It would also help if the romper had a wide neck or ruffles over the bust to bring attention to your bust.

apple shapeSwimwear:

Finding a swimsuit for women with an apple shape is harder than it is for any other body type. BUT it’s not hopeless. There are actually a lot of swimsuits that are made especially for minimizing a bigger belly. If you’re looking for a two-piece – you can wear a two-piece – you want to find a bottom that has a built-in waist minimizer or one that minimizes the appearance of the waist with darker colors or solid colors at the waist. If you’re looking for a one-piece it’s as easy as finding a suit that gives the optical illusion of an hourglass shape with a pattern or decoration in that shape. 

My Finger Hurts


I made these yesterday for the e-books that I’m working on.

It took hours with markers, colored pencils, thick cardstock, glue, a paintbrush and an X-acto knife.

I realized that I can’t use my polyvore images for the e-books. I have to start from scratch for these things. Which is nerve-racking, but also exciting at the same time. It’s going to take a lot more work than I originally thought. In my posts I picked the clothes first then explained why those clothes work. This time I’m going to have to make the clothes specific to the doll working around specific rules and tips. My goal was to finish it by the end of June. I’m still going to try to stick to that goal.

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce you to the women that you’ll be seeing in your body specific e-book.

Left to right: Sally (Column), Regina (Apple), Ashley (Boy), Judy (Pear) and Nancy (Hourglass).

How To Pick Your Prom Dress – Apple Shape


Tummy bulge is an Apple Shaped Woman’s biggest problem. It’s hard to find clothes that fit right. It’s frustrating, I know. But that is why I am here!

A flared skirt and wider shoulder straps are really going to de-emphasize your larger tummy. That’s why this first dress is great for you. It’s got a classic silhouette that is flattering for every body type because of the hourglass shape that it creates. For some extra attention on the bust, you can do what I did here and put a lace camisole underneath the dress.

The second dress has a wide V neckline and cap sleeves that will help to minimize the look of your tummy. The side gathered drape of the dress will do the same. The straight skirt pulls the line of the dress down from the widest point which helps to even out your shape. This dress could look even better if it had lace under the hem.

Both of these dresses help to elongate your look. I wouldn’t go shorter than the bottom of the knee.

Apples at Prom

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ControlFreak Panties – It’s About Damn Time


So, I’m a little late to the party. But that’s par for the course with me. I can be kind of dense and sometimes I get so wrapped up in something that I can’t pull myself out to see new things that are going on. And these things are a pretty big deal. 

Control Freak Apple

Wacoal has released a new line of Shapewear Panties for Apple shaped and Pear shaped women. “ControlFreak aims to fill a gap in the market with a focus on women’s unique figures and varying body types. The new collection provides more specialized and specific solutions with women’s body types in mind – Apples or Pears. Both styles aim to solve curvy fit and comfort challenges, while offering smoothing, control and support.”*

ControlFreak Pear Brief

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s taken this long after decades of feminist activity and protesting stick-thin-models. However, I won’t complain too much. I’m excited that they’re doing it at all. 

The Apple Brief is supposed to smooth the tummy and lift the rear. The Pear Brief smooths, not only the tummy, but also the hips. It also allows for more junk in your trunk. Both panties have relaxed leg openings for comfort. You’ve gotta watch the video

I feel like it’s my duty to go buy a pear pair and test them out. If they work I’ll let you know. They’re being sold at all luxury retailers and department stores nationwide. 

*My information comes directly from a press release on PR Newswire and the Wacoal website.

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New Year’s Dresses!


The holidays are fast approaching! Let’s jump right in.


This One-Shoulder Peplum Dress is all about giving shape… and attitude. It cinches in at the waist with a leather belt and white peplum flares out at the hip. It will give you a more hourglass shape. The pencil skirt keeps it classic and chic for a New Year’s party.

Find similar dresses here. Just remember to cinch in at the waist and create curves. Don’t wear anything that just hangs there. That rule applies to every body type!


I love this Presidio Poise Dress for an hourglass. You have very defined curves so you can wear this dress without worrying about your breasts disappearing into your stomach. It’s a perfect cut with a flattering waist and cap sleeves. It would be easy to dress up for NYE with the right shoes. You could even replace the belt for a pop of shine or color.

View similar dresses here. Make sure there are no cuts across the hips or too high on the torso. You’ll turn your hourglass into a pear or a column.


A flared skirt or a line across the hips is completely necessary for a Column. This Jersey & Taffeta Dress will compliment your shape perfectly. All the attention is pulled straight down to the flared skirt with darling rosettes. It’s a fabulously effortless dress that you will look wonderful in!

For similar dresses go here. Make sure to keep the girls up where they belong. No draping. You want a defined waist and a wide skirt.


This stunning Mixed-Media Dress has all the right details to compliment your shape. The pretty neckline and shirred bust of this dress will do great things to separate your bust from your tummy. The black horizontal ruching across the stomach will minimize any bulge. The velvet scroll flocking on the flared skirt will really balance you out.

View similar dresses here. Remember to minimize the stomach by accentuating the bust/shoulders and hips/derriere.


The straight line of the skirt of this Beaded Sheath Dress minimizes the hips while the squared shoulders balance them out. There isn’t much else to say about this elegant dress.

View similar dresses here. Remember to pull the attention to your bust or your shoulders. If you’re going to wear a dress that cinches in, have it directly under the bust to minimize the hips. Stay away from flared skirts, unless it’s at the knee and you have a top that accentuates the bust or shoulders to balance out the flare.

I hope this makes New Year’s Dress shopping easier for you. I’ll be posting coats to match your dresses later in the week. Have a great Thanksgiving!

How To Wear A Tuxedo – Holiday Style – Apple Shape


I meant to post the Apple yesterday and the Column today. Yesterday, however, I was distracted by reformatting the website, in case you didn’t notice. I wanted to centralize all of my work in one place. The body image posts will remain here.

Okay, Apples!

I found the perfect structured outfit to go under a tuxedo style jacket.  The sleeveless dress with the shirttail hem skirt give great lines to an apple body. The vertical rhinestone pleated top brings attention to your bust while the cummerbund at the natural waist cuts across the stomach to break up any bulge. The solid color of the skirt also helps to camouflage tummy bulge.

When you pair this outfit with this adorable tux blazer, you get some va va voom at the shoulders. I would recommend leaving the blazer unbuttoned, because there is enough structure in the dress that you won’t need to button the jacket.

Let’s try it on, shall we?


How To Wear A Sweater Dress – Part 2


I know I already covered sweater dresses. I wanted to give you more options at different price ranges.


This is a darling Shelli Segal sweater dress from Saks Fifth Avenue that comes in at $195. It’s got beautiful ribbing and a wide boat neck. I love the almost kimono sleeves that are going to help balance out the width of your hips and bum. I love the belt that it already has on there, but don’t hesitate to switch it up. Try a black or red belt.

This is a lovely Jones Wear sweater dress for a pear shape. This dress has a cowl neck, short kimono sleeves and beautiful ribbing. What sets this dress apart is the detailing around the bust. The other dress is more classic, but this dress has more personality. No belt needed. You can get this at JCPenney for $66.99


I am in love with both of these dresses and kind of wishing that my proportions were opposite right now.

First we have this absolutely stunning Lilly Pullitzer sweater dress. The pink stripes really pull the attention down to the hem-line. The puff sleeves add some flare. The tie around the waist really pulls the entire look together. This is the perfect dress for a column shape. You can get this at Saks for $198.

This Calvin Klein dress brings the attention to the hips not with bold stripes, like the other dress, but with cute fringe. It’s got a wonderful neckline and sleek sleeves. The only thing is that I would add a belt to it, because we don’t want your waist to disappear. This dress is available at Macy’s for $99.


This adorable blue Josephine sweater dress is going to look great on your curves. I love the scoop-neck and the amazing color. It will be hard to not pull off this dress well. I’d love to see it with an extremely wide belt and some boots. Brown or black would look fabulous. If you want to turn it into a sailor dress you could add a white belt and red shoes, or vice versa. Get it at Bluefly for $152.99.

Both dresses have the same sleeve length, the same ribbing around the hems and the same shape. This one from Connected Apparel, however, is only $33.99 and it has an added cowl neck. Again, I’d add a wide belt for emphasizing the waist. They’re both great sweater dresses for bangles, too.


I love this Shelli Segal dress for an apple shape. I love the thick black waist and the pattern that draws attention to the bust and hips. The kimono sleeves add more width up top to distract you from a bigger belly. The black waistline not only minimizes the stomach it will separate your stomach from your bust. You can get this dress for $210.99 at Zappos.

This one I love just as much for an apple. The cowl neck draws attention up. The flared skirt pulls your shape out to give you more of an hourglass. The belt, the belt… the way it’s going to cinch in that waist line, it’s fabulous! And this belted sweater dress you can get, right now on sale, at JCPenney for only $27.99. I think that’s the best deal of the day.


How cute and flirty is this Ric Rac sweater dress? Very. The zig-zag lines add colorful definition to places that normally don’t have it. The sash belt is going to cinch in the waist and give you even more of an hourglass shape. They are actually sold out on the Saks website, but you can easily type “ric-rac sweater dress” into google search and find some on eBay for under $200.

This adorable, also patterned, Kensie dress is going to do the same for your shape… give you some. But, unlike the other dress, this won’t have to be layered as much. You could add a skinny black belt at the waist if you wanted, but the way this dress is cut, it’s not really necessary. This dress can be rung up for $98 at Dillard’s.

I hope this will help you stay warm out there!!!

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