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“I have big boobs, decent enough sized hips but awesome legs. So my trouble is finding tops that don’t have an over pour of cleavage but are still attractive and don’t produce the uni-boob look. Where can I shop and what styles in particular should I look for?”

As a former fit expert, I have to lead with:

Make sure that it’s not your bra causing the uni-boob look.

However, if you are absolutely certain you are wearing the right bra, I have found some tops that will balance out your larger breasts by accentuating your hips and complement your cleavage. These tops also allow for wider bra straps.

Shallow scoop neck or v-neck blouses, like the ones below, will look best if you don’t want a lot of spillage.


Structured shirts can cause a uni-boob look if they’re too tight. So, I would recommend going with loosely structured or even flowy shirts that would allow for a belt around the waist. (Like the shirts above in the middle.)

This drape-front shirt is in style right now, and I think it’s a perfect fit for you. See how Erica Bunker styled it on her blog:

linked to source

Also, have you ever tried a sweetheart neckline? If you find just the right one it could visually separate your girls without too much spillage.

As with anything else, the more you try on, the more you learn about what works for your body specifically.

As for where to shop, I say, everywhere. And I’m not even kidding. It’s completely worth it once you find the clothes that work for you. You will never regret finding that one top that always makes you feel fabulous.

(And just in case you are in the mood for a new bra or two I highly recommend Chantelle’s Full Support Bras or Wacoal’s. Women with bigger busts just rave about them. When I used to work in Lingerie I wished I had bigger boobs just so that I could fit into Chantelle’s full bust bras…)


Plus Size Maxi


I found this super hot plus size maxi dress and I had to share it with my Dress For Your Body Type readers.

This would be great for an Apple or a Pear! And just imagine the necklace/accessorizing possibilities!

On This Fall’s Coats and Embracing Femininity


The Best Fall Jackets and Coats

Really, Elle?

These shapeless potato sacks that are supposed to be this seasons best options are some of the most unflattering coats that I’ve seen in a long time – with the exception of the always stylish trench, but even they are a tad boring this season.

The only silhouette that wasn’t something that you were trying to hide in was Prabal Garung’s military-style Parka(slide 39).

Even that, wasn’t the best jacket I could have imagined.

This Fall I advise you to sack the trending fashion for a more flattering look. 

Okay, you don’t have to sack the trends altogether. Pink is good, but not in the shapes offered. And over-sized? Can’t you put a belt on it to cinch in the waist or something? Can the military jacket have a bit of lace? Can a trench have some frills on the lapel?


I think a lot of our power, as women, lies in our ability to be feminine while also being smart and quick and ballsy. I’m tired of the days(I mean, the 80’s and 90’s) when women had to wear shoulder pads and men’s clothing to get ahead in the corporate world. We don’t have to do that. I think there is something incredibly cool about being able to outwit and command attention in a room full of men whilst wearing ruffles and bows. (Honestly, I don’t think we’re going to make the progress towards equal pay and being the only ones to have any say over our own uteri if we don’t fully accept ourselves as femininity and all the we have to offer as women. Like Aunt Jet says in Practical Magic, “I mean you can’t practice witchcraft while you look down your nose at it.” It’s pretty much the same thing.)

My vote goes more towards jackets like these (all linked to source):

I sort of kept “on trend” with the trench, the pink, the toggle. But I also stuck with ultra-flattering lines. And seriously, I would buy that pattern and make myself a coat if $75 wasn’t way out of my price range for a pattern that I would still have to buy fabric and notions for.

I hope this post helps you to make sense of this seasons coat trends without having to sacrifice your figure.

And soon I’ll start answering all of your Dressing For Your Body Type Questions!


Perfect Stripes for Body Types


I haven’t done one of these in a while!

Stripes by Body Type

All shoes are Valentino… for reasons.

Pear: The horizontal stripes over your bust pull the eye up. The black skirt helps to camouflage a wider hip.

Hourglass: This dress keeps you in balance while accentuating your figure.

Boy: This dress pulls in at the waist, draws attention toward your bust with vertical stripes and adds width to your hips with horizontal stripes – giving you more of an hourglass shape.

Apple: I paired this dress with a wide black belt to help camouflage a bigger belly. This pulls the waist in while letting the dress pull the eye to the bust and hips.

Column: The direction of the stripes on the bust literally point down to your hips. This will balance out your figure. I love that this particular dress also pulls in at the waist.

No More Bedskirts!!!


Okay, so you saw what I wanted to do with their room.
And you saw some progress that I had made.

This is how their room ended up:

photo 3 (19) photo 1 (20) photo 2 (22)

The reason that it took us so long to finish putting their box springs together was that we wanted them to be able to paint their own bed legs. They loved being a part of the entire thing and were so happy when we finally put the legs on. They love their play place and the hubs and I love having less of their stuff out in the living room.


It’s Not About You


This post has been edited and republished on my personal blog here.



“It’s not about you.”

Feel the waves of relief wash over you? I do. Every time I tell myself that it isn’t about me I feel an insane amount of tension melt out of my body. It’s not about me. Thank goodness, right?

When people treat you a certain way, expect something from you or are just generally dicks…

it’s not about you.


Even if it is directed at you or they feel that you’ve done something…

it’s not about you.

If it’s something you have that they want…

happiness, maybe…

it’s not about you.

Not really.

It’s about what they’re lacking in their lives to make them focus so much of their energy on you.

Even if it is about you for them, it’s still not about you. You don’t have to accept responsibility for their problems or they way they feel!

And as her fierceness RuPaul says, “What other people think of you is none of your business.”

Even if they have an extreme amount of hatred shooting in your direction, it’s still not about you.

Their hatred is theirs alone. And you have to wonder how someone can have that much hate. You didn’t cause it. It’s something in them that did it. Something lacking, something sad, something vicious. But it’s still theirs and not yours.

And it’s still not about you.

That guy that let the door slam in your face as you were walking into a store…

That woman at the bar that bumped in to you so hard that you spilled your drink and didn’t even glance back at you…

The dick that cut you off in traffic when you were in a hurry to get home and then you got stuck behind a red light while he went on ahead…

The emails, the comments, the haters, the chest beaters, the dogs with big barks, the simple bitches…

They are dealing with their own issues. Those issues are not yours. Don’t accept them as yours.


Remind yourself that it’s not about you.

Move on with your day.



I don’t know if I’m the only one that loved this movie remake of the popular TV Show from the 60’s and 70’s. I love the cast. I adored the fun, light-hearted feel of the entire movie. To me, it felt like the show. However, my absolute favorite thing about the movie was Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe – costume design by Mary Zophres. (I once toyed with the idea of being a costumer for movies, but quickly realized how much responsibility I’d have after working in the costume department in college.)

Her clothes are, in one word, cute. If I had to go on I’d use words like classic, flowing, feminine, and casual.

I’m going to alter outfits from three different scenes for this post. I’m going to use her dancing in the rain skirt outfit, her perusing the coffee shop outfit and the divorce party outfit.

I want her entire wardrobe, but it wouldn’t work for my body type. Nicole has a very long, lean Pilates and yoga body. You can put her in anything. My body, despite my warrior dash training, is still pear shaped and always will be. So I’m going to start there.


Bewitched by Pear


Bewitched by Column


Bewitched by Apples


Bewitched by Boy


Bewitched by Hourglass

I hope you have as much fun imagining yourself in these clothes as I did!

White Party


It’s MAY, y’all!!!! And white is back!

So I’ve decided to pick out a few dresses for every body type! And for an added challenge, I’m going to try to keep them all under $50!

White Party

Okay, I did it. One white party dress for each body type; all under $50. Plus, shoes to match! Also, all under $50!

Next will be gardening looks! Mainly because I love to garden.

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Sunbathing Hourglass


Dressing an hourglass can vary greatly depending on whether you want to accentuate your curves or minimize them. If you want my advice, I say “accentuate them, baby!” Most women would kill for a perfectly proportioned hourglass shape; this girl included.

Here are my hourglass tips:

  • Accentuate your waistline if you’re wearing a one-piece!
  • Balance your top with your bottom. If you have ruffles on the top, you need ruffles on the bottom. If you have a bold pattern on the top, you need an equally bold pattern on the bottom. Especially be wary of your cut. If the top is a string bikini, the bottom needs to be the same. If your top is modest, your bottom should be as well.

And that’s really about it for hourglass!

Sunbathing Hourglass

If you have more specific body typing questions, I’m always willing to answer them. In fact, that’s my favorite thing. So just leave your question in the comments!

Apples in the Sun


Apple shaped women have a particularly hard time finding swimwear. It seems as though, these days, all swimsuits are designed to expose and flaunt your stomach. I would have loved to have lived in the 50’s when swimsuits were made to accentuate curves in a modest way. Of course, I find absolutely nothing wrong with an apple wearing a more revealing swimsuit or a two-piece. You just have to find the right suit.

Here are some tips:

  • Find a one-piece with a pattern or dark solid color on the stomach to camouflage any unflattering areas.
  • Use bolder patterns or brighter colors to draw attention to your bust or hips instead of your tummy.
  • Find a suit that is going to show off the smallest part of your torso(directly under your bust). It will give your torso a longer/leaner look.
  • If you’re going for a two-piece find bottoms that are going to accentuate your hipbone*. This will draw attention away from the tummy while making your hips appear curvier.

*I like the two bottoms that I found here. The cut-out bottom on the left will make straight hips look curvier while hiding a lower pooch. The second bottom has lines that pull your eyes down and out – away from the tummy. I paired the second bottom with a bright patterned top that is also going to help to pull the eye away from any tummy insecurities you might have.

Apples in the Sun
Hey Hourglass, you’re next!
If you have more specific body typing questions, I’m always willing to answer them. In fact, that’s my favorite thing. So just leave your question in the comments!