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Everybody Has To Do It Eventually… and sometimes often


I did it for hours yesterday. I also kept notes and took pictures. It was painful to my ego and sometimes to my waistline and butt. I still want to share it with you, because everyone has to do it. And no one likes to.

Jeans shopping.

problem areas for pear shaped women

I’m a pear. Pears tend to have problems with fat that sits on the hip(love handles/muffin top), a layer of fat over the lower abdomen(tummy pooch), and fat on the back of your thighs that sits directly under your butt(saddle bags).

My rules to follow for women with a pear shape would be these:

  • mid-rise to high-rise to reduce muffin top
  • boot cut or wide leg to de-emphasize a bigger bottom
  • minimal to no whiskering (I’ll show you why)

I tried on some that I knew would flatter(like the Madison trouser jeans) and some that I knew wouldn’t flatter(like the CK jeans) so that you could see the difference. Some I didn’t know whether or not they would flatter. That’s part of trying on jeans, though. If you don’t try, you’ll never know.

The first pair that I tried on were Lucky brand Sofia Boot cut jeans.

Do you see how the smaller leg brings attention up to the hips? It kind of makes them look bigger by comparison.

The second pair I tried were Nine West(Vintage America) mid-rise boot cut.

Do you see how the wider leg balances out a wider rear? This minimal whiskering isn’t too bad. These jeans give me a bit of a muffin top at first, but they are stretchy. Once I walked around in them for a minute they loosened up and that went away.

The third pair I tried were Lucky brand Sweet’N’Low jeans.

Do you see how the extreme whiskering and distressing can make your legs appear wider? I can see how that would be okay on a stick thin girl, but when it’s on me and it stops at the knees it makes your calves to appear to be non-existent. The eyes focus on things that are brighter. It’s not flattering. Otherwise, the fit on these would have been great. Lucky does have a Sweet’N’Low cut that doesn’t have whiskering. I’d love to try those, but I couldn’t find any.

The fourth pair was Calvin Klein, which I’ve been afraid to try on once I left size zero territory 10 years ago. These are ultimate bootcut.

Again, the shape is good, but the whiskering kind of ruins it.

Jeans became frustrating so I wandered over to pants. I love pants! I found these super cute, Madison wide leg trousers in a denim material. Is that cheating?

Do you see how the wide legs really help to minimize a larger bottom? It’s really great.

Then I went back to the Nine West because I really liked the feel of them. I found some classic rise jeans. I thought I should at least try them on.

Some tips and tricks for trying on jeans:

  • Go when your stomach isn’t full or empty. I’d say about an hour or two after you’ve eaten. That way you can get a better feel and fit. Also, I’m cranky when I’m hungry and that leads to rushed decisions.
  • Make sure you’re not in a hurry. If you have time you won’t get as flustered.
  • Really move around in the jeans. Walk around, crouch down to the floor, bend over. Do everything in the jeans that you will be doing in them after you buy them.

Bend and move around a lot when trying on jeans!

I ended up buying the Madison Trouser Jeans and the Nine West mid-rise boot cut jeans.

The leg and the comfort are what sold me on them. My thing is, I don’t have brand or label hang-ups. All I want is a pair of jeans that fit and flatter. I don’t care if they’re Ralph Lauren, DKNY or Levi’s. How they make you feel about the way you look is what is important. What bothers me is when women that don’t know how to dress themselves put on juicy couture track pants that hang around their hips just because they’re expensive. It’s not the price tag that makes you look good.

The next time I try on jeans I want to try these and these.

Happy jeans hunting! If you have any questions let me know!

For An Hourglass Friend: Comfortable Style in Earthy Tones


I have a friend that has a gorgeous, voluptuous hourglass shape. She is having a bit of trouble figuring out what her personal style is and how to better reflect on the outside the kind of person she is on the inside. (Don’t we all have that issue from time to time?)

This friend is drawn to Earthy tones, but lately she’s been liking deep purples and hot pinks. Which is fabulous, because purples and pinks can be really complimentary to earth tones… if you do it right.

I have put together a bunch of different styles for different occasions, hoping to inspire and/or help out my friend.

Here is my take on Hourglass evening wear in earth tones with pops of color. You’ll notice that all of the looks are balanced.

Hourglass Glam



These are some casual looks with Jeans…
If you’ve read the Jeans post or have bought the Body Type eBook for Hourglass you’ll note that I say the best jeans for that shape are going to be high-waist, wide leg jeans. But that doesn’t mean those are the only jeans.
Also, this friend has a huge problem tucking in her shirts. She doesn’t like it. It’s uncomfortable. I get it. I don’t like it either. So I tried to create looks that are still balanced without tucking in your tops. (And I added sweaters, because Fall is coming.)

Casual Hourglass



And here’s sort of a mishmash of other kinds of everyday work wear…
Notice the balance of shape is kept with wide-set straps, bold prints and colors.

Hourglass Work Wear


I hope you found this helpful! I tried not to be too stuffy, but at the same time I didn’t want to take any limitations too seriously. I didn’t want to push her too far out of her comfort zone, but I still want her to embrace her shape and mix it up a little.

INTRODUCING… The Dressing For Your Body Type eBooks!


Dressing For Your Body Type eBooks

Otherwise known as PDF files! I finally got around to putting the pertinent information into short, easy to read eBooks! You can read them on your phone or print them off and stick them in your purse!

To purchase these very inexpensive little eBooks, you can just hop over to the Body Types eBook page!




“If it doesn’t make you feel fabulous get rid of it.” – Clinton Kelly

I firmly stand behind this quote. Clinton was using it for clothing, but I think it can be used for anything – coffee mugs, curtains, movies, art, people.

And I would like to amend it to say:

If it doesn’t make you feel fabulous: don’t do it, don’t buy it, don’t keep it.


Choose Happiness


This post has been edited and republished on my personal blog here.


Never feel guilty for leaving any situation that isn’t spiritually, emotionally or mentally serving you. If you are not benefiting from a relationship or a situation in any way there is no shame in walking out.

I can understand being a people-pleaser. I can understand not wanting to hurt anyone. I can understand trying to stay in a bad relationship for someone else’s benefit. I’ve been there. I’ve walked in those shoes. And I can tell you, from personal experience, that it doesn’t work. In the end you need to choose you. You need to choose a life that makes you happy so that other people can truly benefit from being around you.

Have you ever been around a happy person? If you haven’t I’ll tell you a bit about them:

  • They like it when you are happy.
  • They encourage happiness.
  • They are supportive and want to see you succeed.
  • They like to smile.
  • They like to see you smile.
  • They are eager to learn new things.
  • They are constantly yearning to experience something new.
  • They love to help others chase their dreams.
  • They love to help.

Oops. I think I just described myself. Ummm… well, that’s embarrassing! I guess though, if it was really a description of me it would also have to say, in all honesty “They fantasize about slapping people in the face, but don’t actually do it because that’s bad.” and “They wish they had Elvira’s magical powers to create a hilarious orgy in town square by feeding uptight townsfolk a casserole.”

In all seriousness, though, when you’re happy other people benefit from being around you. It’s like you’re shining your rainbow down for everyone to smile back at. You can’t look at a rainbow and feel disgusted, can you? Nope.


Bragging Rights?

This post has been edited and republished on my personal blog here.


When I haven’t seen someone in a while – and I don’t know much about their life anymore – it makes me feel sorry for them if all they can talk about are things that cost money. It’s not that I don’t own a flat screen tv or have a semi-new car. It’s not that I don’t travel or stay in nice hotels when I have the chance. I do. It’s just not the kind of stuff that comes to mind when I’m having a conversation. If you have to brag about all of the material things in your life, there probably isn’t much else to it.

Jealousy Can Be Crippling

(This post has been edited and republished on my personal blog here.)

…but let it cripple your haters, not yourself.

I think a little jealousy can be healthy. I think jealousy can be a great motivator to work harder and get where you want to be. Wanna know who I’m jealous of? Oprah Winfrey, Marie Forleo, RuPaul and Anna Wintour. The thing that makes me  jealous of these women is that they carved out their own places in life. They said, “This is my spot. I’m going to take it!” without any apologies. I don’t want any of their spots, though. I want my own. I’m working hard at creating my own. I use those women to motivate me. What originally made me jealous has become my inspiration!

I don’t obsess over them or what they’re doing every step of the way.


That’s when jealousy turns to obsessive jealousy and it can not only hurt you, but it can also hurt those around you. When you’re so focused on what someone else has or what someone else is doing, you have very little time for self-improvement. ( – ) When you’re so busy shining the spotlight on someone else who is shining the spotlight on you or the people who care about you?

SO, instead of being jealous of someone, figure out WHY you’re obsessing over them. You need to evaluate your motives. Evaluate why that person is so important to you and what is lacking in your life. Once you figure out what is lacking you can take steps to improve your own life. You can revert your focus from obsessing about someone else to correcting everything that is wrong in your life. Shine the spotlight on yourself. Figure out what you want and what is inadequate. Take steps to change your life for the better instead of focusing on someone else’s.

Modcloth Fall Denim



I am seriously in love with Modcloth’s Fall denim! They have at least one flattering pair of jeans for every body type. A lot of their denim is in plus sizes, too. (Images link to product page.)


These Skate Night Jeans would be great for a pear, an hourglass or an apple.

I would “pear” them with a boat neck top or a frilly blouse if you are trying to balance out wider hips.

What I love about these jeans for an apple shape is that the wide legs not only make your legs appear longer, but they also help to minimize your problem area by streamlining your entire look. Especially if you were to wear them with and empire waist cut top that was not tucked in.

And for an hourglass I would say be sure to keep it balanced with a fitted – but not too tight – top. Maybe a scoop neck tee!


I would recommend these Weekend Folk Festival Jeans to a boy shape or a column shape.

The pockets add depth and dimension to your hips. That will help to balance out a larger bust for column women. It will also give you something to balance out if you’re a boy shape.

For a column I would suggest a simple crew neck tee. For boy shapes, go with something that will enhance your bust like a sweetheart neckline.

Another thing about these high-waist jeans: if you have a long torso these will help to break it up and elongate your legs.

Personally, I want the Gotta Jet Set Jeans and the Dittos Flare Play Jeans.

These Gotta Jet Set Jeans will do absolutely nothing for my shape, but they’re so freakin’ cute! And they do have a high-waist. That will go a long way to breaking up my abnormally long torso. So, that’s reason enough to buy them.

These Flare Play Jeans by Ditto will actually break-up my torso, balance out my hips and elongate my legs! All great things. Plus they are fabulous! They would probably be my go-to jeans when I’m slumped in front of my closet complaining that I have absolutely nothing to wear

I am not affiliated with ModCloth in any way, I swear. I just got an email from them about Fall layering and fell in love. Go check out all of their new denim for fall.


This post has been edited and republished on my personal blog here.


I live a pretty positive/happy lifestyle. I put a lot of effort into staying physically healthy and mentally sound. I had to fight like hell to end up  where I am and now that I’m here and happy I’m going to keep fighting like hell to stay that way. I have put a lot into my marriage and that’s how I get so much out of it. I feel the same way with every aspect of my life. I put a lot into everything that I do in life and, in turn, I get a lot out of life. I feel healthy, because I take care of my body. I can easily chase after my kids and keep up with my kids because I exercise. I have a strong relationship with my children because I spend time with them focusing on the right things.

There are some people, though, that just… don’t. Yet, they expect things in return. And, instead of being happy for you when things in your life work out, they want to take those things from other people instead of working for them. Those people are poisonous. I do not allow them in my life. But, the thing is, you can’t just tell those people “no” and expect them to go away. You have to set your boundaries and you have to stick to them. It might be annoying, but it’s worth it.

When you are happy, and I know this sucks, people are going to try to tear you down. They just will, because they are unhappy. But I’m going to refer back to an older post when I say IT ISN’T ABOUT YOU. It just isn’t. And you have to believe that. When people criticize you for not doing enough, not being enough, they are using you as a mirror for how they feel about themselves.

You can take a stand against poisonous people, too! But you can’t just ignore them. You have to actively push them away, keep reaffirming your boundaries, keep telling them “no”. Yell, if you have to! “No! You don’t belong here! You won’t be in my life!” Then you can ignore them.

You do this with negative thoughts as well. When anything negative comes to mind, replace it with kittens. Or, you know, anything that makes you happy. If you become tired, go for a walk. Are you thinking, “I can’t go for a walk when I’m tired!” Yes, you can. If you feel yourself sinking into sadness grab some Crayola and draw some flowers or rays of sunshine or puppies! Because…


There is nothing wrong with being yourself, trying new things or dancing when you want to. Because, you know what? Life is wonderful. There are beautiful things in the world that no amount of hatred will ever be able to take away. No amount of bitterness from someone else should effect your smile or the way you live your life. You are worth happiness. You are worth fabulousness. (Don’t tell me “fabulousness” isn’t a word computer!) You are worth glitter and sparkle and rainbows.

And when you’re happy and you have rid your life of these awful people, new people will come. Seriously, new people will flock to you. Happy people who also want you to be happy. Surround yourself with those people, because you will feed off of each other’s happiness. Not only will you share happiness, but you will also share creativity and ideas. And it will feel wonderful. And it will bleed over into all other aspects of your life.

Like it has mine.

I’ve completely strayed from my point about ridding your life of poisonous people, because I was so distracted about all of the good things that come after. But I guess that’s kind of the point, huh? Haha. I guess I do practice what I preach!