Consultant Website and a New Project


I have created a website for consulting. I’m very excited about it. I think it looks great. I’ve gotten some good reviews and critiques on ease and functionality. You can look at it here* and tell me what you think in the comments. (It links back to the blog.)
Also, I’m working on getting an e-book done. There’s more information about that on the website as well.
I hope you’re all having a great week!
I have a weekly dinner guest that I have to start preparing for.

*EDIT: There is no longer a consulting page. I’m still making the books, however, due to lack of interest they are going to be in print format and there is no longer a sign-up for them. I don’t know if I’ll make a sign-up again or not.

ControlFreak Panties – It’s About Damn Time


So, I’m a little late to the party. But that’s par for the course with me. I can be kind of dense and sometimes I get so wrapped up in something that I can’t pull myself out to see new things that are going on. And these things are a pretty big deal. 

Control Freak Apple

Wacoal has released a new line of Shapewear Panties for Apple shaped and Pear shaped women. “ControlFreak aims to fill a gap in the market with a focus on women’s unique figures and varying body types. The new collection provides more specialized and specific solutions with women’s body types in mind – Apples or Pears. Both styles aim to solve curvy fit and comfort challenges, while offering smoothing, control and support.”*

ControlFreak Pear Brief

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s taken this long after decades of feminist activity and protesting stick-thin-models. However, I won’t complain too much. I’m excited that they’re doing it at all. 

The Apple Brief is supposed to smooth the tummy and lift the rear. The Pear Brief smooths, not only the tummy, but also the hips. It also allows for more junk in your trunk. Both panties have relaxed leg openings for comfort. You’ve gotta watch the video

I feel like it’s my duty to go buy a pear pair and test them out. If they work I’ll let you know. They’re being sold at all luxury retailers and department stores nationwide. 

*My information comes directly from a press release on PR Newswire and the Wacoal website.

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I am an avid O Magazine reader. I love the articles. They are inspiring and helpful. I just received my January 2012 issue in the mail. I like to read before bedtime. Last night I was enjoying my O until I got to an article titled “Your Biggest Dressing Dilemmas Solved!”. It was written by Adam Glassman, an O Creative Director.

On page 110 you’ll see that Adam’s “solution” to muffin top is a soft, belted top and trouser jeans. I have two main problems with this outfit. The first being that the trouser jeans to not rise to the natural waist. The reason this is a problem is the belt is at the natural waist. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but if you put a belt at your natural waist and your jeans don’t rise that high, it can cause the shirt to cling to the trousers. That means when you walk the shirt is going to puff out in the space between the belt and the place where the shirt is clinging to the trousers. Which will accentuate your muffin top, not hide it.
My second problem is that the shirt that they put on this women is cut across the hips. What happens when a shirt is cut across the hips? It makes the hips look wider! So, not only has he accentuated this poor woman’s muffin top, he has also made her hourglass shape into a pear.

Later on in the article they come back to Muffin Top(page 113). The solution is shapewear. I disagree. You don’t need shapewear if your waist rises high enough and isn’t too tight.

On the same page they tackle the Tummy Pooch. Again, their solution is shapewear. Namely, “Briefs with elastic panels in front”. Then they put this poor woman in a tunic shirt that gives her the potato sack shape that I was livid about yesterday. No. No. No. When you have an apple shape you need to refocus the attention on the bust/shoulders and the hips/booty. You don’t just pull a sack over your shoulders to “hide” the problem.

Just a few more things I promise…

Mom Butt – They’re solution: padded panties under butt-lifting shorts under jeans. My solution: pants or jeans with flap pockets. Also, these days, they make jeans that lift the booty.

Chub Rub – They’re solution: more shapewear. My solution: better pants. Higher quality, stiffer fabrics.

Double Boobs – They’re solution: more coverage. My solution: The right size bra! If you’re not wearing the right size then you’re going to have spillage. It doesn’t matter how much coverage there is.

I don’t know what else to say. I think the article could have been better. I like to offer different solutions, not just one: shapewear. I’m a little disappointed in my O Mag this month. I am glad there are other, more useful, articles in there.

Love Your Body!


Love your bodies, Ladies. It has taken you through every happy experience that you have ever had. It may not be the same as it once was and it may not look exactly the way you want it to. However, it’s yours. You need to love it and take care of it the same way that you would anything else that belongs to you.

Out of all of the genes on all of the planets in all of the galaxies, something put you in this galaxy on this planet in your body. That’s a miracle. It may not feel like it sometimes. You might not always appreciate it.

Here are some ways that you can learn to enjoy your body:

  • Dance in the shower. No one is watching. GO NUTS!
  • Tell yourself (out loud) one thing you like about your body everyday. Even if it’s not on the surface. “I like that my legs help me to chase my kids around every day.” “I like the hugs that my arms receive.” “I like the dimples above my butt.” It doesn’t matter what it is. Say it. To yourself. Loudly.
  • Someone in the world, right now, thinks you’re beautiful. Deny it all you want, but it’s true. You need to accept it. You need to embrace it.
  • Get your wiggles out. Yes, I am using something from Yo Gabba, Gabba. But seriously. Get your wiggles out. Sometimes, all you need to feel good about yourself is to completely let go. And this is one way to do it.
These are all things that I do on a regular basis.

How do you enjoy your body? Tell me in the comments!