For An Hourglass Friend: Comfortable Style in Earthy Tones


I have a friend that has a gorgeous, voluptuous hourglass shape. She is having a bit of trouble figuring out what her personal style is and how to better reflect on the outside the kind of person she is on the inside. (Don’t we all have that issue from time to time?)

This friend is drawn to Earthy tones, but lately she’s been liking deep purples and hot pinks. Which is fabulous, because purples and pinks can be really complimentary to earth tones… if you do it right.

I have put together a bunch of different styles for different occasions, hoping to inspire and/or help out my friend.

Here is my take on Hourglass evening wear in earth tones with pops of color. You’ll notice that all of the looks are balanced.

Hourglass Glam



These are some casual looks with Jeans…
If you’ve read the Jeans post or have bought the Body Type eBook for Hourglass you’ll note that I say the best jeans for that shape are going to be high-waist, wide leg jeans. But that doesn’t mean those are the only jeans.
Also, this friend has a huge problem tucking in her shirts. She doesn’t like it. It’s uncomfortable. I get it. I don’t like it either. So I tried to create looks that are still balanced without tucking in your tops. (And I added sweaters, because Fall is coming.)

Casual Hourglass



And here’s sort of a mishmash of other kinds of everyday work wear…
Notice the balance of shape is kept with wide-set straps, bold prints and colors.

Hourglass Work Wear


I hope you found this helpful! I tried not to be too stuffy, but at the same time I didn’t want to take any limitations too seriously. I didn’t want to push her too far out of her comfort zone, but I still want her to embrace her shape and mix it up a little.

Modcloth Fall Denim



I am seriously in love with Modcloth’s Fall denim! They have at least one flattering pair of jeans for every body type. A lot of their denim is in plus sizes, too. (Images link to product page.)


These Skate Night Jeans would be great for a pear, an hourglass or an apple.

I would “pear” them with a boat neck top or a frilly blouse if you are trying to balance out wider hips.

What I love about these jeans for an apple shape is that the wide legs not only make your legs appear longer, but they also help to minimize your problem area by streamlining your entire look. Especially if you were to wear them with and empire waist cut top that was not tucked in.

And for an hourglass I would say be sure to keep it balanced with a fitted – but not too tight – top. Maybe a scoop neck tee!


I would recommend these Weekend Folk Festival Jeans to a boy shape or a column shape.

The pockets add depth and dimension to your hips. That will help to balance out a larger bust for column women. It will also give you something to balance out if you’re a boy shape.

For a column I would suggest a simple crew neck tee. For boy shapes, go with something that will enhance your bust like a sweetheart neckline.

Another thing about these high-waist jeans: if you have a long torso these will help to break it up and elongate your legs.

Personally, I want the Gotta Jet Set Jeans and the Dittos Flare Play Jeans.

These Gotta Jet Set Jeans will do absolutely nothing for my shape, but they’re so freakin’ cute! And they do have a high-waist. That will go a long way to breaking up my abnormally long torso. So, that’s reason enough to buy them.

These Flare Play Jeans by Ditto will actually break-up my torso, balance out my hips and elongate my legs! All great things. Plus they are fabulous! They would probably be my go-to jeans when I’m slumped in front of my closet complaining that I have absolutely nothing to wear

I am not affiliated with ModCloth in any way, I swear. I just got an email from them about Fall layering and fell in love. Go check out all of their new denim for fall.



I don’t know if I’m the only one that loved this movie remake of the popular TV Show from the 60’s and 70’s. I love the cast. I adored the fun, light-hearted feel of the entire movie. To me, it felt like the show. However, my absolute favorite thing about the movie was Nicole Kidman’s wardrobe – costume design by Mary Zophres. (I once toyed with the idea of being a costumer for movies, but quickly realized how much responsibility I’d have after working in the costume department in college.)

Her clothes are, in one word, cute. If I had to go on I’d use words like classic, flowing, feminine, and casual.

I’m going to alter outfits from three different scenes for this post. I’m going to use her dancing in the rain skirt outfit, her perusing the coffee shop outfit and the divorce party outfit.

I want her entire wardrobe, but it wouldn’t work for my body type. Nicole has a very long, lean Pilates and yoga body. You can put her in anything. My body, despite my warrior dash training, is still pear shaped and always will be. So I’m going to start there.


Bewitched by Pear


Bewitched by Column


Bewitched by Apples


Bewitched by Boy


Bewitched by Hourglass

I hope you have as much fun imagining yourself in these clothes as I did!

White Party


It’s MAY, y’all!!!! And white is back!

So I’ve decided to pick out a few dresses for every body type! And for an added challenge, I’m going to try to keep them all under $50!

White Party

Okay, I did it. One white party dress for each body type; all under $50. Plus, shoes to match! Also, all under $50!

Next will be gardening looks! Mainly because I love to garden.

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Sunbathing Hourglass


Dressing an hourglass can vary greatly depending on whether you want to accentuate your curves or minimize them. If you want my advice, I say “accentuate them, baby!” Most women would kill for a perfectly proportioned hourglass shape; this girl included.

Here are my hourglass tips:

  • Accentuate your waistline if you’re wearing a one-piece!
  • Balance your top with your bottom. If you have ruffles on the top, you need ruffles on the bottom. If you have a bold pattern on the top, you need an equally bold pattern on the bottom. Especially be wary of your cut. If the top is a string bikini, the bottom needs to be the same. If your top is modest, your bottom should be as well.

And that’s really about it for hourglass!

Sunbathing Hourglass

If you have more specific body typing questions, I’m always willing to answer them. In fact, that’s my favorite thing. So just leave your question in the comments!



photo (23)If I have previously written about a staple it will be linked to that post.


T-shirts must always be fitted. Otherwise, follow the rules for casual shirts.

Casual Shirts:

If you’re going to wear a shirt with any kind of embellishment or ruffles or anything then you need to make sure that you’re balancing that out somehow on the bottom.


You already have an hourglass shape, so you don’t need to worry about structure or anything else. You do need to make sure your waist is in. So wear a belt or tuck in your blouse. Also, if you don’t tuck in your blouse, make sure that it’s not landing on your hips and making them appear wider.


Any fitted sweater is going to look great. Be wary of where they fall on your hips to make sure that they aren’t making your hips look wider than the rest of you.


If you go with a wider lapel make sure your jacket sits out from the hips. If you go with a skinnier lapel make sure the blazer sits flat against your hip.


Skirts and Mini Skirts:

Skirts with a higher waist are great for your shape. You can go for any fit of skirt. If you wear a pencil skirt that is cut close to your legs make sure that your top is just as fitted. If you go with a flared skirt then make sure that there is slight flare to your shirt in order to keep your shape balanced.

Skinny Jeans:


That being said… mid to high-rise is going to work best. If you’re not going to tuck in your top you need to make sure that your waist is pulled in somehow, whether it be the cut of the shirt or an added belt.


Mid to high-rise jeans are going to be best for your curves to minimize muffin top. Straight leg, wide leg, or bootcut are all good. Just be careful with your tops and balancing your shape. If you wear straight leg pants with a really baggy or ruffly top you will end up looking top-heavy. If you wear wide legs and a tight top you’ll look pear shaped.


I love an hourglass in slouchy, but fitted, pants. Of course, if that’s not your style I would recommend a mid-to-high rise wide or straight leg pant. If you go with a wide leg pant be sure to wear a fitted top and vice versa. You don’t want to look vamp-ish, but you don’t want to look like a potato sack either.


Little Black Dress:

If you want to show off your curves I would pick a LBD that resembles a 50’s wiggle dress – like a sheath dress. If you would like to tame your curves then find a dress that sits on your curves without pulling in at the waist.


You need a romper that is going to keep your shape balanced. If you wear a romper with wide legs, make sure that is also has wide-set straps or a wide neckline to balance out the legs. If you wear a romper with a spaghetti strapped top you can go a little lighter on the shorts, too. If you don’t want to accentuate your curves go without a cinched waist. If you really want to accentuate your curves you can add a belt.

hourglass shapeSwimwear:

The only thing that you need to worry about if you’re an hourglass shape is keeping your balance. If you’re going for a two-piece be sure to cover as much, or as little, on top as you do on the bottom. If you wear a pattern on top balance that out with a pattern on the bottom. When looking for a one-piece try to find something that pulls in at your waist and, again, covers as much on top as it does on the bottom. If you cover more on top and less on bottom you’ll end up looking like a pear and vice versa if you cover more on the bottom and less on top. 

High Rise Skinny Jeans


H&M has a pair of high rise skinny jeans on their website!


I know there are a lot of ladies out there that really like to wear skinny jeans, but also have problems with muffin top.

These will fix that problem for you.

If you don’t know how to style skinny jeans for your body type then you should check out this article: How To Wear Skinny Jeans.

There’s No Place Like Home!


And no better way to get there than in adorable shoes!


I am in no way an expert on shoes. I know what I like and I know what looks good to m. So, you can take my advice to heart or you can take it with a grain of salt.

I’m going to start with a problem that I have: small calf muscles. The bottom of my legs are very thin. These are some tricks that I’ve picked up to help my calves look bigger.

The way skinny jeans bunch up around the knees can make your calves look bigger, but you can also just go with a bootcut and the illusion of calves is there. If you wear skinny jeans heels give your calf muscles long definition where as flats just make the calves appear bigger about halfway down. Flex your foot right now. You’ll see the difference. (I’ll come back to skinny jeans later.)

Another thing you can do is wear skirts that hit right at the knee – not above. Especially straight or pencil skirts.

The only people who should ever wear shoes with ankle straps are women that have very small ankles! Ankle straps do not give your ankles definition. They make ankles appear larger and legs appear shorter. Shoes with ankle straps can also bring more attention to your calves, especially if worn with a straight skirt. Another thing you can do is wear skirts that hit right at the knee – not above. Especially straight or pencil skirts. Mini-skirts will NOT make your calves look wider.

So, let’s move on to “cankles”. What an ugly word. If you don’t have much definition in that area of your leg the best shoe is a pointed heel. Pointed toe shoes make your legs appear longer. Add a heel and they look even longer still!

Heels are always going to make your butt look more pert than flats do. Heels and flats work different muscles in your legs. Of course, I’m not even going to pretend to know what those muscles are.

I’m going to jump back to skinny jeans to say that any body can wear them. Again the shirt is important. I did write an article on How To Wear Skinny Jeans, but I didn’t add much information about shoes. A problem that I have with skinny jeans, other than the ones mentioned in the article, is that they sit right at the ankle. This isn’t a problem with other types of jeans, because most other jeans aren’t tight around the ankle. When something is tight at the ankle and cuts right across the ankle it can make your ankle look wider and your legs look shorter.  There are three ways to balance this out: pointed toe shoes, heels, or knee-high boots. If you want the skinny jeans/boots combo and you’re a pear or an apple you need to go with knee-high boots that are really going to bring the attention down to your calves to balance out wide hips or saddle bags(that fat that sits under your butt). Side note: knee-high boots are also good for making your calf muscles appear larger.

Let’s talk work pants. Straight leg pants look best with flats(like Audrey Hepburn in funny face) or high heels. Wide leg trousers look best with kitten heels or flats(if tailored correctly), because they already elongate your legs so much that heels aren’t really necessary. Boots are also great with wide leg trousers, but no one will see them.

Skirts… with a mini skirt I would avoid heels, but I would also avoid ankle straps. I love boots with mini-skirts, but not thigh high boots. Calf boots, ankle boots or knee-high boots are best for a mini skirt. I love the look of mini skirts in winter because of the boot options alone (that might make its own post shortly).

I think pencil skirts and ankle booties can be very sexy. Pencil skirts and flats with a t-shirt can be sexy and casual. Pencil skirts with heels are great for the office(especially kitten heels) or a nice dinner out. Pencil skirts with boots can be very cool if they are sleek boots or ankle boots.

I think that’s all I have.

How To Wear: 40’s Femme Fatale


This post was inspired by this post.

Boy: Both the dress and the trench really pull in at the waist and accentuate your bust and curves.

40's Femme Fatale - Boy Shape

Pear: The fur collar on this trench is going to help to bring the eye up. The wide neckline on the dress is going to help balance out your hips.

40's Femme Fatale - Pear Shape

Apple: The black of the dress will help to camouflage your tummy, while the orange brings all the attention up top. The wide shoulders will help to minimize a larger stomach. The wide, short lapel of the trench also help to bring attention away from your stomach area.

40's Femme Fatale - Apple Shape

Hourglass: This trench can hide your curvaceous bod if you don’t tighten the belt. But if you want to accentuate those curves of yours you can either tighten the trench or take it off altogether. This almost faux-wrap dress is really going to flatter your figure.

40's Femme Fatale - Hourglass Shape

Column: The full skirt on both the trench and the dress will easily balance out a heavier top. Also, both items pull in at your waist – making sure that it shows.

40's Femme Fatale - Column Shape

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