Body Type eBooks



Dressing For Your Body Type eBooks

Get your Dressing For Your Body Type eBook here for free!

Each book contains all of the information that you need to start (or complete) a wardrobe for your body type.

These books are downloadable, printable, and easy to read on your phone.
Download it to your computer, download it to your phone, and/or print it off.

Each book covers all clothing staples, such as:

  • shirts, blouses, sweaters, and jackets;
  • skirts, mini skirts, pants, jeans, and skinny jeans;
  • LBDs, gowns, and swimwear!

And each eBook is catered specifically to each body type.
Also included are fun fashion quotes, and illustrations for each body type.

Find you body type below and click.
It’s that simple!

DFYBT- Boy Shape

BFYBT- Pear Shape


DFYBT- Apple Shape


BFYBT- Column Shape


BFYBT- Hourglass Shape


 Not sure what your Body Type is? Check this out.


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