Boys of Summer


There are two great things about being a boy shape in the summer. 1. You really get to play around with your options. 2. You can wear bikinis without looking slutty or vampish because you’re not too curvy.

Tips for Boy Shapes while swimsuit shopping:

  • Look for pieces that create curves. Look for lines that are literally an hourglass shape.
  • Ruffles! If you don’t like ruffles you can also use sequins, stripes, or patterns to create a curvier look.
  • A twisted bandeau top is going to give your boobs a bustier look without extra padding.
  • Tankinis are a good look for you because of the flesh that is visible across your hips where the top and bottom meet. Just be sure to balance that line out with extra embellishments or patterns on the bust.
  • Vertical lines on the hip, ties on the hip, buttons on the hip, ruffles/bunching/ruching on the hip, those are all good things that are going to make you look a little hippier.
Boys of Summer

Look for more summer dressing tips coming when I finish swimwear for all of the body types!

If you have more specific body typing questions, I’m always willing to answer them. In fact, that’s my favorite thing. So just leave your question in the comments!


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