Boys with Shoulders


I had someone comment on the troubles of finding jean looks for boy shapes with broad shoulders.

As a boy shape it is already hard to create a perfectly balanced hourglass shape. If you wear something that flares at the hips you could end up looking like a pair, but if you wear something that brings too much attention to wider shoulders you’ll look like you can’t carry your own weight.

I put some cute jeans looks together just for this specific problem.

I do not recommend boyfriend jeans for boy shapes, because they tend to create a boxy look on their own. Boyfriend jeans will not do you any favors.

Bootcut jeans are great for every body type. Bootcut jeans are great for boys specifically because they elongate the legs like elephant leg pants(also known as wide leg), but they aren’t as outdated. (But I put an outfit together with elephant leg pants, too.)

If you do have wider shoulders and no hips I would recommend a button up that is cut to flatter curves. You can tell if it’s cut right by laying it down flat. If it’s flat and it’s shaped like a box it is no good. But if you lay it flat and it has its own hourglass shape then it will be very flattering on a boy shape. (This also works for all body types) Of course, I’m always tempted to put ruched sleeves on a boy shape, but that won’t work if you have wider shoulders. A sleeveless button-up might sound like a good alternative, but it will pull more attention to your wide shoulders because of the straight shoulder lines that are typically on a button-up shirt.

I paired the elephant pants with a very simple shirt, because the wide leg jeans do most of the work for you. All you have to do is make sure you’re not pulling unneeded attention to your shoulders.

If you’re going to wear skinny jeans at all I’d recommend a mid-rise cigarette pant, because they aren’t as tight as skinny jeans. They’ll still give you a proper balance.

I paired these cigarette pants with a deep, wide, v-neck. Normally, if you’re trying to balance out wide shoulders you wouldn’t want that neckline. However, this shirt has its own waist and balances out the wide neck with a slightly a-line flare from the waist.

Bell bottoms can make your legs look shorter, but they make your hips look wider. So if you can pair them with pointed toe shoes and a shirt that still pulls in at the waist then those two things will balance out wider shoulders.

I paired the bell bottoms with a cardigan that has contrast piping around the neck and down the front. This will do two things: it will create an hourglass shape against the bell-bottom jeans; and it will pull the attention from the neckline down to your hips – and away from your shoulders.

For the fifth look I paired high-waisted skinny jeans with a nice blouse to show you how a high-waist can break up your torso to create shape.

jeans boy shape wide shoulders

If you want to see more on dressing for a boy shape check out this article. It has all of my dressing tips for boy shapes in one place. It also links to all other dressing tips and examples of them.


2 thoughts on “Boys with Shoulders

  1. Elydia

    This is soooo helpful, thank you!! I always scour the site for info on this particular type and they are a little mixed and contradicting. Unfortunately, I simply adore the nautical looks so crossing out that one on the far right is so sad hahaha. Then there’s the boat-neck that I like, but feel conflicted when I wear it out. I’ve been searching for vertical lines though. What are your thoughts on that type of stripes?

    I’ve never heard of elephant pants–new info! Cigarette jeans are few and hard to find honestly and it is so disappointing when I shop anywhere be it online or in person. Giving into a good sale on skinny jeans (because they’re so prevalent) must goooo. It is so not worth it in the fashion long run. With flares and bell bottoms, my issue is not having them touch the floor and getting all dirtied up. I am a flats fan and will always be. Sorry for the long post, but it’s so neat having my questions answered about my body type!! Great site and keep up the fabulous work :).

    P.S. I’d totally wear all these outfits!

    • I wouldn’t rule out the nautical look altogether. Especially if you can find some sailor pants. The ones with the buttons down both sides can really balance out larger shoulders by making the hips look wider – which would help you obtain a more hourglass look. Ooh! Or a really cute pencil skirt would look great with a boat neck shirt.
      Designers are relentless with skinny jeans right now. The hardest part of jeans is finding the right fit. The second hardest part is trying them all on. You have to, though. You never know what they’ll look like until you put them on.
      Flats are my favorite. My only problem with them is that sometimes I feel like a 12 year old in them depending on the outfit.
      I’m glad this helped! Thanks for reading.

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