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T-shirts must always be fitted. Otherwise, follow the rules for casual shirts.

Casual Shirts:

You need to find a casual top that emphasizes your bust and brings as little attention as possible to your belly. (However, baggy shirts with embellishments around the bust are a no-no, because they make your bust disappear into your stomach.) You need attention to be drawn to the smallest part of your torso.


I recommend a very structured blouse for you. Go with something that, when laid flat, is cut like an hourglass. You can also look for blouses that are cut under the bust to bring attention up. Ruffled sleeves are also good. So is ruffling along the bust. Tunics are great for your body type, because they can easily camouflage a tummy if you follow the other rules for blouses.


Cowl neck sweaters distract from your belly. If they’re big enough they can also minimize the appearance of your belly. Tunic sweaters are good as long as they are pulling in at the smallest part of your torso – right under the bust.


Blazers that are going to de-emphasize your belly are going to have a wide-open lapel and neck line. They need to be very structure – like your blouses.


Skirts and Mini Skirts:

Look for skirts with very defined waists and a flared, or ruffled, skirt. You’ll need a slightly stiff fabric that will hold the shape well. (Stiff does not mean uncomfortable.) High-waisted skirts are an option as well. They will minimize a larger tummy and lengthen the look of your legs. Be wary of pencil skirts or any skirts that are cut close to the leg. They can actually put more attention on your stomach.

Skinny Jeans:


That being said… mid-rise, flat front skinny jeans are going to be best. One great thing about skinny jeans is that they look great under tunics.


Apples look best in wide leg jeans. Bell bottoms make your tummy look bigger. You will also look best in a mid-rise or higher waist. To avoid the “mom jeans” look, find jeans with a flat front panel. No pleats, please!


Wide leg, flat front, mid-rise trousers are going to work best. Anything less than something that falls straight down from your hips is going to create an ice cream cone shape.


Little Black Dress:

The best dress for an apple is going to be an empire waist dress, because an empire waist dress is going to pull in at the smallest part of your torso. Even better would be an empire waist dress with ruching, lace or embellishments at the bust to bring the eye up. Even better than that would be an empire waist dress that draws your eye up to the bust and pulls your eye straight down from the belly with a straight skirt – minimizing the appearance of a larger stomach.


Look for a color-blocked romper that has darker bottom and a brighter top. Also look for rompers with a high waist and wide legs. If you can’t find one that is color-blocked like that, it’s okay. Just stick with a high waist and wide legs. It would also help if the romper had a wide neck or ruffles over the bust to bring attention to your bust.

apple shapeSwimwear:

Finding a swimsuit for women with an apple shape is harder than it is for any other body type. BUT it’s not hopeless. There are actually a lot of swimsuits that are made especially for minimizing a bigger belly. If you’re looking for a two-piece – you can wear a two-piece – you want to find a bottom that has a built-in waist minimizer or one that minimizes the appearance of the waist with darker colors or solid colors at the waist. If you’re looking for a one-piece it’s as easy as finding a suit that gives the optical illusion of an hourglass shape with a pattern or decoration in that shape. 

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