90’s Summer Concert


There is a tour going on that I couldn’t be more excited about – The Summerland Tour featuring Everclear, Sugar Ray, Lit, Gin Blossoms and Marcy Playground. (Okay, Marcy Playground doesn’t make me excited, but the rest I love.)
So, these bands aren’t completely 90’s. They’re more like late 90’s early 00’s, but when I was listening to them I was in Nevada, Missouri and they’re about 5 years behind when it comes to style and fashion. So.. we were still dead-set in flannel, graphic tees, boyfriend jeans and doc martens/vans/keds.

Let’s celebrate the decade who’s fashion motto might as well have been “anything goes!”

(Side note: I just put on my husband’s jeans for nostalgia reasons. Why did we ever wear men’s jeans? They look horrible!)

Column: This ruffled, tiered skirt will easily balance out a larger top. The blazer, that matches both outfits by the way, hits at the hips making them appear wider to balance out you bust. The strapped blouse does the same thing – falls at your hips to make them appear wider. The wide belt and the bell bottom jeans hug your hips. The dress has a wide skirt that flares out. The dress will give you a pulled in waist and the halter top pulls in the look at the shoulders. Both of those attributes will push the attention down to your hips.

90's fashion - column
Boy: These looks are going to divide up the torso and give you some curves. The dress pulls in at the waist, brings emphasis to your bust and the ruffled skirt brings shape to your booty. The jeans in the second look really hug any curves you might already have. The red tank divides up your torso and gives the illusion of a smaller waist while the horizontal stripes bring some attention to your bust. The miniskirt in the third look is going to make your legs appear extra long while hugging your bottom half and giving the illusion of curves with the print. The tank ties in at the waist, again dividing up the torso, and brings attention to your bust.
90's fashion - boy
Pear: This wide neck, open sleeve dress doesn’t have a 90’s cut, but that print is definitely 90’s. It also pulls in at your waist and balances out a bigger bottom half. The wide leg pants really help to bring the line of your hips down, minimizing their appearance. The white cropped top help to balance out those hips, too. For the third look, I went with competing patterns to balance out your booty.
90's fashion - pear
Apple: The pleasant blouse minimizes the appearance of your stomach with the wide sleeves and embroidery around the bust. It also cinches in at the smallest part of your torso – directly under the bust. The second look pulls all of the attention up to your bust or down to your hips with the fringe on the bottom of the shirt. The flat front panel on the straight leg trousers helps to minimize the appearance of your stomach as well. The dress in third look pulls in at the smallest part of your torso like the other two, but also completely camouflages your larger tummy with a pattern.
90's fashion - apple
Hourglass: This first look really accentuates your curves while keeping them in balance. The second look helps to minimize your curves with a mid-rise boot cut jean and a slightly over-sized flannel shirt. The third look can either emphasize or minimize depending on whether or not you wear the loose blazer.
90's fashion - hourglass
The following are just random pieces that reminded me of the 90’s. I feel like I have to put them somewhere – just for fun.
random 90's

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