How To Dress for a Sneak-away Vacay!


Want to get away from it all? Do it in style!

Apple: This dress is fabulous for your larger tummy. Not only does it conceal your stomach with a solid black torso, but it also pulls attention away from it with a floral print bust.

Sneak away vacay - apple shape

Boy: The ribbon-like cut of this dress gives the illusion of more shape. This dress is great for anyone with an athletic build or a straight figure.

sneak away vacay - boy shape

Column: This dress will camouflage your larger top with the plain black and accentuate your bottom with the flare skirt and fun pattern. It also pulls in at the waist and you know how much I love that!

sneak away vacay

Hourglass: This dress won’t put too much emphasis on your curves. It will definitely flatter your curves and keep them in balance.

sneak away vacay

Pear: The wide shoulders of this dress will balance out your larger bottom. It also pulls in at the waist and the print will camouflage a slight tummy pooch that some pears have.

sneak away vacay - pear shape

I hope you enjoyed our fun fantasy getaway! Have a great week and try to stay cool!

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