How To Look Like The Fourth of July!


It’s getting close! Are you ready for it? Because I’m going to have you seeing fireworks. Whether you have picnic festivities, plan on watching a parade or are looking forward to a nice dinner with friends I have you covered. I have found a day dress, a casual outfit and an evening dress for every body type.

Boy: All of these outfits break up the look of your torso and lengthen the look of your legs. The ruffled skirts on the dresses create some oomph and the high-waist shorts emphasize whatever shape your booty might already have.

4th of July
Hourglass: All of these looks emphasize your top as much as your bottom, keeping your body evenly balanced. There isn’t too much pull on your waist if you’re self-conscious about your curves.
4th of July
Apple: These three looks either camouflage the tummy or distract from it by focusing on the smallest part of your torso.
4th of July - Apple
Column: I’ve used pockets on a flared skirt, form fitting horizontal stripes, and tiers. All of these things on the bottom are going to balance out a larger bust. They also all show the world that you have a waist, too.
4th of July - Column
Pear: All of these looks have wide shoulders/necklines that are going to balance out a larger bottom. The waist is also pulled in.
4th of July - Pear
I’m sorry it has taken so long for me to post another wardrobe article. I’ve been working really hard on the Dressing For Your Body Type e-books. If you want to sign up, or get some more information go here.

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