He is at it again!

I’m not saying that everything that Adam Glassman wrote in “The Swim-Suit Handbook” for the June 2012 issue of The Oprah Magazine is wrong. I’m not trying to bag on O’s creative director. I don’t want to insult anyone. I just want women to look their absolute best. I hope none of my ladies follow a lot of the tips, because some of them aren’t as helpful as they could be.

I’m hoping that he’s not responsible for picking out the swimsuits that have been put with his article. Of course, I also hope that it wasn’t the fashion editor, because uh-oh! Whoever dealt with the layout of the article put all of the swimsuits on the same silhouette. They didn’t have to try as hard because no one would know the difference without putting the swimsuits on varying body types. So, women that have read this article just trust that these people know what they’re talking about when really they could end up looking worse than they did without any knowledge on the subject what-so-ever.

It would take me hours to write up everything in this article that could be improved upon.

Please, if you need swimwear advice e-mail me. Or read my article in B.Real Magazine. It will be out tomorrow. You can pick it up at any of these locations. If you don’t live in the Mid Tenn area you can read it online. (It’s on pages 10-11.)


What do you think?

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