Summer Looks For Less


For every body type I have put together three summer looks for under $100 dollars each. And that includes the shoes!

Apple: These looks bring attention to the smallest part of your waist, accentuate your bust and bring the line of your torso down minimizing the appearance of your stomach.

Summer Looks Under $100
Pear: These summer looks with wide necklines and flutter sleeves will balance out your larger bottom half. They also pull in at the waist and go straight down, or away, from the hips.
Pears Under $100
Boy: These outfits are great for creating shape because they all pull in at the waist. They create curves with their lines and cuts. The first dress creates shape with lines. The other two dresses create shape with a structured hourglass shape.
Boys Under $100
Hourglass: Some hourglasses want to hide their curves and some hourglasses want to embrace them. I explored both options here. The first look isn’t too tight on the waist. So, your curves won’t be emphasized as much. The second look can go either way, but still keeps your balance. The third dress really emphasizes your curves.
Hourglasses Under $100
Column: All of these looks are going to balance out a bigger top with full skirts and bright bottoms.
Columns Under $100
I hope that makes your shopping a little easier this summer!
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