How to Mix and Match For Easy Summer Looks


As a working mom I know how important it is to have a few easy things that you can just throw on and go. It really helps to have a few wardrobe staples. It helps even more if they all go with each other. These staples – for spring/summer – would include: some key tops, a killer pair of shorts and/or easy trousers and/or flattering jeans and one no fuss dress. Not only do you need to have these summer staples, you also need them to be¬†interchangeable. Whether you are a work-at-home mom or just a woman with a hectic schedule, I’ve got some quick and easy looks for you.

Each set comes with either a jacket or a cardigan that will match all three looks, and shoes that are also able to be put with each look. Each top will go with either bottom as well.

Column: These simple mix and match pieces bring attention to your hips to balance out your bust. Now, if you need to wear bras with wider straps, just add a white tank top with wider straps under any of these looks.

Mix and Match - Summer - Column
Boy: Cinched in waists, ruffles, pleats – these are all things that are going to create some curves. If you want to untuck the sleeveless blouse and wear it with the pink trousers, take the belt from the dress and wrap it around your waist over the blouse.
Mix and Match - Boy
Hourglass: I recommend the t-shirt stay tucked in to either the shorts or the pants to keep balance.
Mix and Match - Hourglass
Apple: The second blouse doesn’t have to be tucked in. If you’re going to untuck it, though, add the belt from the first blouse around the smallest part of your waist to make sure it shows well.
Mix and Match - Apple
Pear: The shirts need to stay tucked in. What I love about the yellow cardigan is that when you put it over the striped blouse you can leave it unbuttoned and it will really narrow in on your waist because of the yellow stripe.
Mix and Match - Pear
I’m still looking for a few volunteers for something I’m working on. If you’re interested, check it out.

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