How To Dress Like Kate Moss – FOR YOUR BODY TYPE


Kate Moss always looks so effortlessly chic. Always. She never wears too many accessories. She always fits to her body type. She dresses perfectly for every occasion – never overdressed or under-dressed. It’s simple to copy her if you’re lucky enough to have a body shaped exactly like hers, but most people don’t. I want to help. I want to make it easy for you to emulate your style icons by breaking their look down for your body type. (If you have a style icon that you would like me to break down for every body type, leave a comment and I’ll get on it!)

I would describe Kate’s style as Casual Rocker Chic. Lots of neutrals, denim, and easy accessories like ties or simple necklaces. Of course, that’s just my interpretation of it.

Apple: Both of these looks are neutral, classic and chic. And both of these looks are going to give you a long, lean appearance. The blouse is great for balancing out a bigger stomach and hiding it at the same time. It also emphasizes the bust with a low, wide neckline. These flat-front, mid-rise, dark denim jeans are going to have everyone looking at your legs instead of your stomach. This easy dress creates a perfect silhouette. It has great structure. If you’re comfortable with it leave the top few buttons unbuttoned to make your look even longer. The jacket will help to pull in your waist, too.

Kate Moss Looks for an Apple Shaped Woman
Column: This simple, easy, chic dress has a full skirt to balance out a bigger bust. For the second look, really all you need is a belt to go across the hips. I love all of the textures in this outfit.
Kate Moss Looks for a Column Shaped Woman
Boy: High-waist shorts – are you tired of those yet? – are going to break up your torso and create a longer line for your legs. I love this tank for its sexy lace back. This jacket is the perfect balance for these wide leg shorts. All together, you’re getting shape and a longer line without adding length to your torso. This silhouette dress emphasizes your bust and balances that out with a gathered skirt.
Kate Moss Style for Boy Shaped Women
Pear: This flowy satin top will work perfectly to balance out a bigger bottom as long as your shorts have straight legs and are darker than the top. The top of this studded dress draws the eye up and away from larger hips. It also gives a high waist which will lend to super long looking legs.
Kate Moss Style for a Pear Shaped Woman
Hourglass: These shorts are so cute, but they are also wide. So, I balanced them out with a blouse that is a little loose to keep some balance. The shorts are also high-waisted which means no muffin top! I think sheath dresses were made for an hourglass figure. They are perfectly balanced and never too tight.
Kate Moss Style for an Hourglass Body Type
Now, Kate also wears a lot of denim and I didn’t really get into it. I’ll tell you why, though. I have two separate denim posts. One is for skinny jeans only and one is an overall jeans post. To get some Kate Moss style in your wardrobe you can follow the jeans tips that I’ve already given you. Just pair them with neutrals and clean lines. Minimum jewelry and nothing too distracting.
If you enjoyed this post, or if there is another style icon’s wardrobe that you’d like me to break down by body type, let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “How To Dress Like Kate Moss – FOR YOUR BODY TYPE

  1. Lilac

    Yes, but what is KATE’s body type? I hear a lot of models are apple/hour glass shaped. it looks like if she has an hourglass shape (based on her proportional legs and arms and her small waist, but not her bust, which is small…)

    • My opinion is that Kate is a boy shape. She’s so tiny all over it would be hard for me to imagine that there is much of a measurement difference between her bust, waist and hips.
      But I could easily be wrong. I’ve never measured, or even met, the woman.

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