A Woman Without Curves



I’m going to try to do more short posts/pictures when I’m in between articles. Here’s a start.

The artist is Ted Withers. I don’t know where the quote originally came from.

I found it originally on Tumblr, but traced it back as far as I could to here.

2 thoughts on “A Woman Without Curves

  1. sarah

    So for boy and column shaped blobs out there, they’re not real women? Comparing any womans physique to a column or boy is hideously insulting and unoriginal. But implying that less curvy females arent womanly or are inferior in any way isn’t so smart coming from your position.

    • I never said boy shaped women and column shaped women don’t have curves. I never said they weren’t real women. It’s a cute picture. That’s all. It’s not meant to offend anyone.
      If you feel like you don’t have curves and you want some help learning to dress to fit your body type then I’m someone that can help.
      However, if you just need a sense of humor and a little more joy out of life, that’s something you have to achieve on your own.

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