A Picnic and A Barbecue


Summer is time for fun in the sun! My two favorite things in summer that don’t have to include swimwear are picnics and barbecues.

Picnics are a great excuse for a full skirt, because you’re sitting on the ground and need to make sure all of your bits and pieces are going to be covered. I like a dressier look for a picnic. For barbecues I like a more casual look, though. It’s usually in someone’s backyard. You’ll most likely be standing, walking, chatting. No one wants a full skirt or flowing clothing near a fire. I’ll cover each type of gathering for each body type.

Boy: This dress is the perfect girly picnic dress. It has a cute bow on the bust and a slight gather in the skirt to give you some shape. The cut of it breaks up your torso, too. This  cute ruffly top does the same thing that the dress does with a cut across the hips and some bright shorts to bring some attention down to your derriere.

Picnic and a Barbecue

Hourglass: How simple and beautiful is this dress! It accentuates the hips and bust evenly. For the barbecue look I just pulled a simple tee and some mid-rise white denim (to prevent muffin top). It’s an easy look with a scoop neck and tight sleeves to balance out the skinny jeans with plenty of attention on your tiny waist.

Picnic and a Barbecue

Column: This adorable navy dress, with a full skirt, is going to minimize and balance out your bust at the same time. I added a belt to bring some extra attention to the waist. I love this little crochet tank. It has a built-in ruffle “skirt” on it to bring some attention to your hips. These cute shorts are going to bring the eye down to your booty, too.

Picnic and a Barbecue

Apple: I couldn’t have found a better picnic dress for you, Apple. It has a black line around the smallest part of your torso to really bring the line of your body in. The wide shoulders, black color, and skirt are all going to pull attention away from your belly. The wide shoulders and tightened waist of this white shirt do the same, but it is a tad see-through so you might want to layer it. The flat front jeans that I put with it are going to elongate your legs and smooth out your stomach.

Picnic and a Barbecue

Pear: The ruffly shoulders and square front of this dress are going to balance out wider hips. To bring more attention up to your bust wear a fun, layered necklace. This striped shirt brings attention up to your bust. The flat panel, high-rise pants are going to pull down the line of your hips and help minimize their appearance.

Picnic and a Barbecue

I hope these looks give you a great start to some fun in the sun!

I’m sorry I’ve neglected you this week. I was working on a swimsuit article for a local magazine. I’ll share info and links when it’s published.


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