Lindsay Is No Marilyn


The first issue of Playboy, published in Decem...

I like Lindsay Lohan. I have no problems with her. She’s a mess and the world watches in wonder; hoping she’ll recover. She’s fabulous. She’s got that face. But she is no Marilyn Monroe.

Hugh Hefner is a business minded man. He knew what he was doing. He knows what people want and he gives it to them to make money. He gets a free pass because I’m a fan.

Here’s my big problem with Lindsay’s Marilyn-esque layout in Playboy:
(And it has absolutely nothing to do with Playboy.) 

Lindsay is a COLUMN SHAPE. Marilyn is a PEAR SHAPE. Excuse me, but Lindsay didn’t have the assets to pull off that layout. Did you see how far she had to stick out her rear? Marilyn had a gorgeous butt!

I know that the issue was published a while ago – I liked it – but I didn’t actually start thinking about it until today, because I’m doing a new collection of paintings based on Marilyn’s body.

So, that’s my two cents on that. I wish I could apologize to Marilyn.

7 thoughts on “Lindsay Is No Marilyn

  1. I have to agree with you, Liz.
    Lindsey is no Marilyn, while both are/were great looking women, Marilyn was in a class of her own.
    While you do not have a problem with Hef for his Lindsey shoot, I do.
    Shame on him for tha,t we have seen Lindsey grow up on camera her entire life and we loved it. In my opinion seeing her in playboy would be like seeing a relative which to me is just nothing I want to see naked and I havent.
    I really enjoyed this post Liz 🙂

    • She isn’t really someone that I watched grow up, because I was growing up, too. I knew who she was because of the remake of The Parent Trap. (Personally, I prefer Hayley Mills) I do think Lindsay is gorgeous and talented. I’m hoping she ends up coming through the mess like Drew Barrymore did.
      Hugh, on the other hand, I looked up to while growing up. I have great respect for him as a businessman and an activist. I didn’t just want to be in the magazine I wanted to write for it, edit it, or run it.
      Though you might not agree with her having a set in Playboy, Hugh did a great thing for Lindsay. He gave her a hand up when she really needed something to focus on and pull from. And now she’s playing Elizabeth Taylor. She’s really getting herself together. I think the set had a lot to do with that.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for reading. 😀

  2. I haven’t seen the spread. I just heard about her playing Elizabeth Taylor but I don’t know how I feel about that yet. I’m an old movie lover so I’m a little picky on who plays who. I can understand what you mean though. I also see Hef as a great business man and I really do hope that Lindsay gets it together. I really see so much potential in her and want to see her do well. Going back to Marilyn though, did you see the recent movie, My Week with Marilyn with Michelle playing her. It didn’t play near my house so I’m waiting for the rental. I hear it was good though.

    P.S. I didn’t know Marilyn was a pear shape, interesting indeed. Must be the bullet bras that made me think we was an hourglass.

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