How To Pick Your Prom Dress – Apple Shape


Tummy bulge is an Apple Shaped Woman’s biggest problem. It’s hard to find clothes that fit right. It’s frustrating, I know. But that is why I am here!

A flared skirt and wider shoulder straps are really going to de-emphasize your larger tummy. That’s why this first dress is great for you. It’s got a classic silhouette that is flattering for every body type because of the hourglass shape that it creates. For some extra attention on the bust, you can do what I did here and put a lace camisole underneath the dress.

The second dress has a wide V neckline and cap sleeves that will help to minimize the look of your tummy. The side gathered drape of the dress will do the same. The straight skirt pulls the line of the dress down from the widest point which helps to even out your shape. This dress could look even better if it had lace under the hem.

Both of these dresses help to elongate your look. I wouldn’t go shorter than the bottom of the knee.

Apples at Prom

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