How To Incorporate Spring Brights Into Your Wardrobe – Easily!


A lot of people, when spring cleaning, like to box up all of their winter-wear and jump right into spring. I like to slowly incorporate my spring brights into clothes I’ve been wearing all winter. It still gets chilly at night and I’m not ready to box up all my sweaters. I’m going to show you how to incorporate spring trends into chilly weather favorites.

So, for all of these looks I have taken some basic winter staples(black pant, cardigans, wool jackets, etc.) and added some bright spring favorites(short sleeve shirts, sundresses, shorts, etc.)

Pear: For the first look we took a nude cowl neck sweater and paired it with bright floral shorts. This works because the cowl neck is so distracting on the top that people won’t notice that the sweater rest on your hips. Also, the shorts are darker than the sweater. It’s a trick of the eye, darker things always appear to be smaller. In the second look we took black, wide leg, high rise pants and paired them with an easy blue top with wide shoulders and a low collar. The third look is a sundress paired with a winter cardigan. The tiered top of the dress and the bell sleeves of the cardi balance out larger hips. 

Spring Fling
Hourglass: For the first look I took a neutral blue sweater and paired it with a light floral skirt. There isn’t too much flare in the skirt, so it easily balances with the wide neck of the sweater. The second look is an easy winter look for an hourglass. All I did was replace the usual winter neutrals with a fun floral shirt. The mid-rise jeans will prevent muffin top. For the last look I paired a perfectly balanced sundress(note the light pink on the shoulders and the hem) with a belted sweater. 
Spring Fling
 Column: The plain color of this short-sleeve turtleneck won’t be able to pull attention from this adorable pleated skirt, no matter how top heavy you are. For the second look I took a ruched yellow spring shirt that flutters away from the bust to rest on your hips. This will bring all the attention down. Yellow and brown is a great color combo. For the third look I took a white winter sweater and paired it with a blue sundress. Both are very casual and both have enough fullness in the bottom of them to balance out a larger bust. 
Spring Fling
Boy: How cute are these salmon colored shorts with this neutral, boat neck sweater? The wide neckline and pleated shorts give you the appearance of shape while the bow pulls in the look at the waist. For the second look I paired dark skinny jeans with a light yellow top. The sleeves in the button-up really add some shape to the top while the bottom of the shirt creates a line across your hips. The sweater does the same, but it creates a little more shape with it’s neckline. This summer dress is perfect for a boy shape because it emphasizes the bust and has a gathered skirt. It really creates a look of curves. The winter jacket that it is paired with is just as flattering. I just love white and gray. 
Spring Fling
Apple: I love this sweater for an apple shape. The tight hem pulls attention to your hips, while the wide neck creates wider shoulders. It’s a perfectly balanced look that hides your tummy. These wide-leg pink shorts are great for pulling the line down from the hips, which helps to minimize your tummy. The second look is one bright pink shirt away from being drab winter wear. This shirt emphasizes your bust and camouflages your tummy. The long, wide line of the pants does the same as the shorts from the first look. When you add the sweater you get even more emphasis on the bust. Plus, it pulls in at a waist line. This last look I absolutely love. Darker colors can minimize and hide many problem areas. The pattern in the dress is in the perfect position for any woman with a larger tummy. The white brings all of the attention away from the mid-section. The eyes are drawn to lighter colors. 
Spring Fling
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