How To Prevent Muffin Top



All body types can have a problem with those pockets of fat that sit on top of the hip bone. However, the main body types that are plagued by “muffin top” are Pear, Hourglass and Apple shaped women.

Muffin top can happen to anyone. Muffin top is not a result of being too fat. Muffin top is caused by the wrong size, or type, of clothing. I’m going to go through a few tips for preventing this problem from happening to you.

One of the easiest fixes for muffin top is to get a higher rise on your pants. Low-rise jeans are flattering only on people with zero amounts of fat in their torso. Sadly, that’s about .02% of the population, but the media keeps pushing them on the rest of us.

Another fix is to fit clothing to your hips and have them tailored everywhere else. Say you were shopping and you found a pair of pants that fit your waist/hips perfectly, but they didn’t fit anywhere else. You buy them and spend the moola to get them tailored to fit perfectly.

Yesterday, I wore a pair of pants that normally don’t cause me to have muffin top. However, yesterday I also wore panties that were a little too tight on the hips under those pants. So, as a result, the pants kept resting on the same area that my panties were. My point is that the right kind of underwear is just as important as what you’re wearing over them.

I hope this is helpful. If you have any specific questions, don’t be afraid to ask.


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