ControlFreak Panties – It’s About Damn Time


So, I’m a little late to the party. But that’s par for the course with me. I can be kind of dense and sometimes I get so wrapped up in something that I can’t pull myself out to see new things that are going on. And these things are a pretty big deal. 

Control Freak Apple

Wacoal has released a new line of Shapewear Panties for Apple shaped and Pear shaped women. “ControlFreak aims to fill a gap in the market with a focus on women’s unique figures and varying body types. The new collection provides more specialized and specific solutions with women’s body types in mind – Apples or Pears. Both styles aim to solve curvy fit and comfort challenges, while offering smoothing, control and support.”*

ControlFreak Pear Brief

It’s hard for me to believe that it’s taken this long after decades of feminist activity and protesting stick-thin-models. However, I won’t complain too much. I’m excited that they’re doing it at all. 

The Apple Brief is supposed to smooth the tummy and lift the rear. The Pear Brief smooths, not only the tummy, but also the hips. It also allows for more junk in your trunk. Both panties have relaxed leg openings for comfort. You’ve gotta watch the video

I feel like it’s my duty to go buy a pear pair and test them out. If they work I’ll let you know. They’re being sold at all luxury retailers and department stores nationwide. 

*My information comes directly from a press release on PR Newswire and the Wacoal website.

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