How To Wear Mini Skirts – Revisited


It is relatively close to spring. I thought we could all use a refresher on mini skirts.

Pear: Someone with a bigger bottom shouldn’t pick skirts with a lot of oomph. The skirts that I’ve chosen for these looks are all straight. Bigger butts need skirts that fall straight down. You don’t want anything tight, because that can accentuate a larger behind. In the first two looks I paired the skirts with tees that have wider shoulders and wider necklines to balance out larger hips. In the second look I also  used a darker skirt on the bottom to pull the attention up. The third look has the lace detail, the adorable necktie and the boxy sleeves to pull the attention up and away from the hips.

How To Wear Mini Skirts

Boy: Boy shapes tend to have a longer torso. So I stuck with high-waisted mini skirts to break up the torso area. This also helps to create more curves. Another way you can create curves is with horizontal stripes or pleats. Just make sure to add as much shape to the top as you are to the bottom. If you’re going with a slim fitting skirt don’t add too much to the top. You want to stay balanced.

How To Wear A Mini Skirt - Boy

Hourglass: You want to stick with a straight skirt or a flared skirt if you’re an hourglass shape. The first two skirts don’t have much of a flare so you don’t have to have a wide top to balance it out. The third skirt does have a bit of a flare and I balanced that out with a wider top. Mid to high waist skirts are best if you have problems with muffin top.

How To Wear A Mini Skirt - Hourglass

Column: In the first look we used a bright pattern on the mini skirt  and a darker solid color on top to pull attention away from a larger bust. In the second look we used an extremely flared skirt with a very boxy top. The flare is great to balance out a big bust. What makes the boxy top okay is the fact that the skirt has a very defined waist to it. In the third look we used layers in the skirt to balance out a larger top.

How To Wear A Mini Skirt - Column

Apple: Mini skirts are hard for an apple shape. I admit it. Mini skirts that flatter bigger tummies aren’t impossible to find, though. It’s imperative that you find a shirt that is equally flattering like the shirt in the first look here. It really distracts from a bigger stomach with its flutter neck and sleeves. The cut is great, too. It’s paired with an equally complimentary straight black skirt. In the second look I picked a flared skirt with a darker waist that will help to minimize the appearance of a larger tummy and bring the attention down. I paired it with a puff sleeved shirt that will bring attention away from a big stomach area. The top in the third look has the perfect cut for an apple shape. I paired it with  a skirt that is going to flow straight down from the flare of the shirt.

How To Wear A Mini Skirt - Apple

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