How To: Movie Looks – The Nightmare Before Christmas


‘How the hell are you going to create looks styled after The Nightmare Before Christmas?’ you may ask. Well, you’ll see. It’s one of my all time favorite movies and I can’t leave it out just because it’s not going to be easy to style. I’m going to do a Jack and a Sally look for every body type.

Apple: This structured jacket will do well to tame a larger tummy. The blouse will do the same. (If you can, I’d find a tank top or camisole to go under the blouse that is black on the tummy and white on the bust.) The wide leg, flat panel pants are going to bring the attention down to your legs. The drape side dress will minimize the appearance of a larger tummy. The wide neck and sleeves will bring attention up. I love this structured jacket for an apple shape.

Jack and Sally - Apple Shape

Column: Both skirted jackets are going to balance out a larger bust. The v-neck blouse directly points down to the hips, emphasizing that area of the body. The halter dress is perfectly flared out to add a little proportion to a woman with bigger bust.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Column

Boy: Both of these structured jackets will help to create some shape. The very feminine, puff sleeve blouse is cut in a way that will cause it to flow out from your torso and not straight down. The cap sleeve and the flared skirt on the pretty dress will pull the attention out from the torso, as well, and give the body more shape.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Boy


Pear: The vertical striped jacket will elongate the body and tame the bigger bottom half. The cap sleeves on the black blouse will help to balance out hips. While the wide leg pants will lengthen your legs. The high rise of the pants will also help to prevent muffin top. The pretty floral dress with the flutter sleeves will balance out a bigger bottom. And that jacket doesn’t really do much either way, but it’s fabulous.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Pear


Hourglass: These perfectly proportioned dresses will do very well on an hourglass shape. The waists sit at just the right height and pull in to accentuate its smallness. There isn’t more emphasis on the top or the bottom half of the body. Both jackets flatter their respective dresses wonderfully. No need to worry about muffin top in either of these dresses – as long as you have on the right kind of underwear.

The Nightmare Before Christmas - Hourglass
The next Movie Looks post will be on The Little Mermaid.

2 thoughts on “How To: Movie Looks – The Nightmare Before Christmas

  1. This is excellent! I was wondering how you were going to style after the movie and I think it turned out beautifully. Each shape style made me want to buy it to put on someone I know if it didn’t work for me haha. Brava lady.

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