How To: Movie Looks – Hannibal


Hannibal is one of my favorite romantic movies of all time. I just wish Det. Starling had a little more appreciation for Dr. Lecter. Obviously he adores her. He appreciates her for all of the things that she is. He is a tad selfish, but I think he still respects her. Screw Romeo and Juliet. If you want to witness true love you watch Hannibal rescue Clarice from flesh-eating boars or cut off his arm so that he doesn’t have to harm her. (It doesn’t hurt that I’ve had a crush on Anthony Hopkins for as long as I can remember.) This is a movie I could watch again and again… and do.

Luckily for me Clarice only had three main looks in this movie. šŸ˜€ She had work wear (cargo pants and t-shirts), she had a suit, and she had the gorgeous black gown. On the topic of cargo pants, I don’t think any women should wear cargo pants unless it is integral to the functions of their job. However, since this is just for fun I’m going to try my hardest to make them flattering.
Apple: This structures blouse will help to minimize a larger stomach. The wide leg pants also help to do that by pulling the shape straight down. The dress’ shape takes away from the tummy and brings your eye up to the top of the dress. The pants in the last look have a flat front that won’t add any shape to a tummy. And the legs help to balance the look out.

Hannibal - Apple

Column: The suit is probably a little more feminine than Clarice would have liked, however, I think it gives great shape to the hips with or without the jacket. The dress will give a perfect balance to a larger bust. The cargo pants have these slanted pockets that just draw you in.

Hannibal - Column

Hourglass: This jacket falls perfectly on an hourglass, because it doesn’t add any extra bulk to the top or bottom. Normally I wouldn’t recommend skinny leg pants for an hourglass, but with the structure of this jacket and this blouse, proportions won’t be a problem. This sequined gown will hug top and bottom evenly keeping that hourglass proportion. The cargo pants have flat pockets that won’t add any extra bulk and they are medium rise, which will cut down on the muffin top.

Hannibal - Hourglass

Pear: The jacket stops well above the widest part of the hips so it won’t add bulk to the area. The wide leg pants lengthen legs and the high waist will prevent muffin top. No one is going to be looking at hips in a gown with a pleated neckline like that one. The wide sleeves on the t-shirt balance out your hips. The wide leg pants streamline hips minimizing the appearance of a larger bottom half.
Hannibal - Pear
Boy: Both the blouse and jacket in the first look are complimentary to a boy shape. They add shape and structure. The black gown brings the appearance of shape with the beautiful waistband. She scoop neck t-shirt and high rise of the cargo pants breaks up the torso of a boy shape.
hannibal - boy

The next Movie Looks post will be The Nightmare Before Christmas. I can’t wait!

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