How To Wear Skinny Jeans


I’m going to take a quick break from my favorite movies and turn to an american dilemma: skinny jeans.

Even though there are very few women that should wear skinny jeans a lot of women feel that it’s necessary to, because fashion magazines and starlets that weigh 80 pounds are flaunting them. And I understand. I, too, get weighed down with images of stick thin models and want to dress like them. I get the urge to buy a pair of skinny jeans even though they aren’t flattering for my body type.

I figure the least I can do is ease your discomfort by giving up a few tips to make skinny more flattering for every body type.

Off the bat I have to say, unless you have stick-thin legs AVOID DISTRESSED JEANS AT ALL COSTS, because they make your legs look a lot wider than they actually are. Now, let’s move on to a more case-by-case break-down of styling skinny jeans.

Column: I love a layered look with skinny jeans. The block of color that stretches across the hips in both of these looks will make a bottom half look wider. (thin tip: wear pointed toe heels to elongate your legs because a shirt that lands at the hips can also make your legs look shorter.)Skinny Leg Jeans - Column

Boy: The first look has a frilly top that accentuates the bust and lands on the hips creating an hourglass shape. The second look has a boat neck shirt that draws attention up to the neck. It also lands across the hips. I did pull in the waist with a skinny belt. (side note: boat neck shirts are great for boy shapes and pear shapes)
Skinny Leg Jeans - Boy

Pear:  Both of these looks are similar in that the tops widen the look of the shoulders. This will really help to minimize the look of your hips. In the second look the pants are darker than the top by more than a few shades. That helps to bring attention away from the hips even more to balance out your shape. (hips tip: make sure to wear mid-rise or high-rise jeans to prevent muffin top!)
Skinny Leg Jeans - Pear
Apple: To minimize the look of the stomach I used dark colors over the tummy. I emphasized the bust/shoulder region to balance out the tummy. And I chose shirts that fall out and away from the waist, also to minimize the stomach.
Skinny Leg Jeans - Apple
Hourglass: When wearing skinny jeans make sure that you’re not taking the balance out of your shape. Try not to emphasize either your bust or your hips too much, because if you do you’ll end up with a pear shape or a column shape instead of an hourglass.
Skinny Leg Jeans - Hourglass

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