How To: Movie Looks – Some Like It Hot


So this is just my interpretation of what Sugar would wear today if this movie was remade. Some Like It Hot was made in 1959 and set in the roaring 20’s. So, the wardrobe was supposed to be from that time. I picked some modern looks that somewhat emulate Sugar’s classic style – fitted to the body types of modern women.

Apple: These looks both tame a tummy and distract from it. Just be wary of lighting that comes straight down in the sequined dress. 

Some Like It Hot - Apple
Column: Each of these looks brings attention down to the hips while still accentuating a tinier waistline.
Some Like It Hot - Column
Pear: These looks have wide shoulders to balance out larger bottoms.
Some Like It Hot - Pear
Boy: All of these looks give the appearance of a curvier figure.
Some Like It Hot - Boy
Hourglass: These looks are complimentary to your shape without adding any extra bulk in unwanted areas.
Some Like It Hot - Hourglass

Next post will be Hannibal.

If you’d like to see more style check out the upcoming Dress of the Month Club. The first dress will be launched March 1st. If you want a sneak peek before the general public sign up for the newsletter on the After Your Heart home page.


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