How To: Movie Looks – Tank Girl


Tank Girl is a favorite movie of mine. However, I’ve never read the comics. (I know, I know. I’m a big let down. I’m sorry.) I do know that one of the guys that created Tank Girl also created The Gorillaz. I’m a big fan of The Gorillaz, as well. (Another thing, just a random thing, Naomi Watts is Jet Girl.)

I knew this was going to be difficult. I mean, my favorite movies include cartoons. And I want to pull realistic styles out of them. The Labyrinth is a movie I couldn’t pull out of my top 13 even if it is a style post. So, Tank Girl stays.

Hopefully it will be more fun than frustrating. Maybe you’ll get something out of it, too.

Pear: The high-rise and wide leg of the shorts, in the first look, will help minimize your hips. The bright bra, wide shouldered vest and puffy scarf will bring attention to your top. In the second look we minimize the hips by blacking them out, which will also pull the attention up to your shoulders and bust.

Tank Girl - Pear

Column: Both of these looks are all about bringing attention to your hips. The baggy tee lands perfectly on them. And the tiered tunic gives you a little extra bit of oomph in the rear.
Tank Girl - Colum

Boy: The cropped tee and pleated shorts in the first look add shape. The black sides in the second look pull in your waist creating the illusion of curves.
Tank Girl - Boy
Apple: For these looks we tried to minimize by distraction. The baggy cut-off sweatshirt brings attention up to the bust. The flat panel of the turquoise shorts doesn’t add to the stomach and the wide legs help to bring the lines straight down from the tummy minimizing it’s large appearance. For the second look we used outrageously puffy sleeves and a tutu to make the stomach seem as small as possible. I love how fun both of these looks are.
Tank Girl - Apple

Hourglass: The mid-rise shorts in the first look will tame muffin top. The jewel embellished mini-dress in the second look is perfectly flattering to an hourglass’ curves.
Tank Girl - Hourglass

Next post will be “Some Like It Hot”.


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