How To Look Like Annie Hall


I’m seeing this look EVERYWHERE right now. So, I thought I’d work with it.  I love the mix of female patterns with androgynous shapes and cuts. I also love the mix of textures. Nothing was off the table.

I’ll show you how to make her look work for your body type.


The color of the vest blends with the color of the shirt and minimizes the bust. The bell-bottom jeans help to balance out a larger bust by making your hips appear larger.

Annie Hall - Column


The vest helps to pull in the waist. The shorts give your bottom some extra shape. The pants in the second look will widen your bottom half, making your waist look smaller. The shirt sitting at the hips will make your hips appear larger.

Annie Hall - Boy
The prints on the shirts bring more attention up to your neckline, decreasing the attention being brought to your tummy. You could add a scarf if you’d like, but it’s not really necessary because of the collars on these shirts.
Annie Hall - Apple


This sweater is the perfect cut for accentuating your shape without taking anything away or adding any bulk.
Annie Hall - Hourglass
The wide sleeve opening on the short sleeve shirt adds shape to your top. That balances out your bottom.
Annie Hall - Pear

Of course, this is just my interpretation of her look. If you have a look that you’d like to see altered to fit every body type let me know in the comments.


What do you think?

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