How To Go Adventuring


Every year, about this time, I get an itch to pack up and go. I have a very nomadic nature. I love to explore and travel. I like going to places I’ve never gone. I like throwing out the road map and just driving. So, let’s hit the road.

Boy: Tunics are fine on a boy shape as long as you remember to cinch in the waist and divide up your torso with a belt.
The high waist and perfectly placed pleats on these shorts do great to break up your torso and add shape to your derriere. Be sure to add some oomph to your bust as well to keep you in balance.Adventuring - Boy Shape

Apple: The flat front on both the jeans and the shorts will help to flatten the appearance of your stomach. Medium rise is recommended. I love the way the pattern on this yellow top will camouflage a larger belly.

Adventuring - Apple Shape

Hourglass: These mid-rise shorts are perfect for taming love handles. The tunic is a simple way to show off your curves.

Adventuring - Hourglass Shape

Pear: Mid-rise bottoms are best to control muffin top. If your bottoms are darker than your top the attention will be drawn upward. With a maxi dress it’s important that you clearly define your waist. Otherwise, you’ll have the shape of a potato sack.
Adventuring - Pear Shape

Column: This dress is great for balancing out a heavier top because the drop-tiered skirt adds some shape to your bottom. It also has a clearly defined waist. These shorts are great because, even though they don’t add shape, they bring attention down to your rear and away from your larger bust.
Adventuring - Column



Have a great weekend! And don’t forget your weekend bag!

I’m a Pinterest addict. Feel free to pin anything you like! (Just be sure to give me some credit.)


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