Eyebrows and Lipstick


I’m growing out my eyebrows. Okay, I know that’s odd for me to share. I’m going to keep plucking the contours of the bottom of my eyebrows. But for the past few years I had been plucking the tops of my eyebrows to make them thinner without making them higher. Anyway, bushier eyebrows lend to a more youthful look. I have horrible scars on my face from bad acne when I was young. I can’t cover the dents in my skin. But I’ve noticed that as I’ve let my eyebrows get bushier my face appears to be younger. Weird, but eyebrows can change the entire shape of your face. It’s more body geometry – like dressing body types. I thought I’d share in case anyone had a similar circumstance. Plus, it’s fun to play.

Speaking of play…



Do you see how your lipstick color can totally change the look of your hair color? I used to have yellow and pink hair. My lipstick of choice then was Revlon Fire and Ice. But now that I have Champagne Blonde hair my color of choice is Softsilver Rose, also Revlon.
I guess you could say I’m a Revlon girl. I love their Colorstay foundation. It’s the best coverage I’ve ever had – and I’ve tried Clinique, MAC, and others. I love their lipsticks. They last and they moisturize my lips. And I will always be a fan of their Colorstay hair dye.
However, I love Maybelline mascara, Rimmel blush and MAC eyeshadow(and their make-up brushes).
All I can think of to do a body image post about is rompers. I’d love to save that for the first day of spring. Any ideas?

What do you think?

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