How To Pull Off A Blazer


Blazers have been underrated since the overkill of them in the 80’s and 90’s, but I think they have a very special place in fashion. They’re fun. They’re sporty. They’re fabulous when you wear them right.


Very structured jackets with the right cut can give you a great shape. I’ve taken jackets like that and paired them with complimentary shapes to give you curves.

Blazers - Boy

I’ve picked out some blazers that are going to de-emphasize your belly. Then I chose clothing that will bring attention away from your tummy to places like your hips and shoulders.
Blazers - Apple

I found some blazers that are going to really help to balance out your heavier top. I matched those blazers with some cute looks that will really help even you out. You’ll look like an hourglass in no time!
Blazers - Column

These are figure flattering blazers that won’t turn your hourglass into a pear or a column.
Blazers - hourglass

Not only did I find blazers that would balance out your bigger bottom all by themselves, I found perfectly complimentary outfits to go with them.
Blazer - Pear

Happy MLK day. Let him inspire you to always keep an open mind and an open heart.
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