How To Wear Jeans


Jeans became a staple in the 1950’s when teenagers would come home and change into “play clothes” after school. (My information comes from my mother …and Bye Bye Birdie.)
I’m not going to dig into all of the details of shapes of pockets to improve the roundness of your derriere. I’m going to stick with the basics: fit and rise. Everything else is personal style.

Here is a very basic tip for all jean wearers: If you have any sort of fat around your hips/waist then do not wear low-rise. You will have a muffin top. Mid-rise works best for most people.

Also, whiskering can make your thighs look huge. So, unless you have very skinny thighs and you want them to look wider, avoid whiskered or thigh-faded jeans.


Mid-rise, wide leg or bootcut jeans look best when trying to minimize a bigger on bottom shape. Capris can shorten your legs and make your hips look wider. When picking shorts, pick a straight leg.

Jeans - Pear

We’re going into Apple shape next, because when it comes to jeans Pears and Apples have a lot in common. Apples look best in wide leg or boot cut. They also look best in mid-rise or higher – just watch out for “mom jeans”. The only difference is that with Apple we’re trying to minimize the belly and with Pear we’re minimizing hips. Flare leg jeans are a bad idea for an apple shape. They can actually make your stomach look bigger.)
Jeans - Apple

Your look is dependent on how tiny your waist is. If you don’t have hips at all then you don’t necessarily need to worry about muffin top and can wear low-rise jeans. I’ll use both mid-rise and low-rise. You can also wear skinnier legs if you make sure you’re wearing the right top.
Jeans - Column

Most hourglass shaped women run the risk of muffin top in low-rise denim. Stick with mid-rise. Any leg should be fine, though, as long as you bring some attention to your smaller waist.
Jeans - Hourglass

High-rise jeans aren’t bad for you as long as you avoid “mom jeans”. High-rise jeans will break up your torso, which helps to give you more curves if you do it right. Low-rise jeans can make your torso look longer and take away any shape you might have. You can wear skinny legs if you wear a top that adds shape to the right places.
Jeans - Boy

(If you need help with choosing tops for your jeans you can refer to How To Wear Camisoles, T-shirts, or Sweaters.)

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