How To Wear Sweaters


For the third installment in staple week we’re going to explore sweaters. We’re going to look at at least two different types of sweater for each body type, whether it be a pullover, a cardigan or a sweater dress.


I’ve picked some great sweaters for your belly. First, the cowl neck. It distracts from you belly by drawing attention to the bulge of the cowl, also making your stomach look smaller by comparison. Second, the striped cardigan. The wider stripes at the top attract your eyes to them, pulling the focus away from your belly. Third, the purple sweater dress. It accentuates the smallest part of your torso and camouflages your belly with the solid color.

sweater - apple

These sweaters are adorable. However, there aren’t a lot of sweaters that are going to have a seam under the bust like you need to accentuate your waist. I’ve worked around that by suggesting some belts. These sweaters are still great for accentuating your hips!
sweater - column

All of these sweaters are going to aid in giving you a smaller waist and more curves.
Sweaters - boy

These sweaters are really going to compliment your shape. Be weary of what you wear underneath. You don’t want unsightly lines. (Leave the first sweater unbuttoned with a pale pink, green or white tee = super cute!)
sweaters - hourglass

These sweaters are feminine and fun. They also do what you need by balancing out your bottom and emphasizing your top.
sweater - pear



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