How To Be A Rockstar!


… or at least dress like a Rockstar! I’m not a Garbage fanatic. I am, however, a Garbage fan. I am extremely excited about the new record that they will be putting out this Spring. So, in honor of their new record I’m going to show you how to rock your body like Shirley Manson rocks my ears.

Rockstar - Apple

Vero Moda sateen dress
Supertrash bootie heels, €100
Sabrina Dehoff navy jewelry, €199
Betsey Johnson heart jewelry, $45
Rhinestone jewelry, $15

Rockstar - Column

Miu Miu ruffle skirt, $750
Alexander McQueen lace legging, €460
All Saints military boots, $207
ABS Allen Schwartz beaded jewelry, $150

Rockstar - Pear

Junk Food vintage shirt, £40
Ralph Lauren wide leg pants, £115
Wanted Shoes nautical shoes, $50
Wet Seal feather jewelry, $4.99

Rockstar - Hourglass

Jane Norman stripe dress, £18
Converse star shoes, $45
Red rose jewelry, £25
Zara sash belt, $30

Rockstar - Boy Shape

Party dress, £550
Lace boots
Anna Lou retro jewelry, $13

Have an awesome weekend!


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