My Horribly Unstylish But Extremely Fun New Year’s Eve!


We had a very typical day. Stay at home mom cooks and cleans. That sort of thing. When my husband got home from work, I hid in the bedroom for an hour of quiet time while I back-stitched the fronts of my new travel size pillows (more info here).

Dinner time with the family and afterwards the kids picked up their toys. I sent the husband and son to the store for some last minute junk food purchases. (I also didn’t work out on NYE and now  feel incredibly guilty about it.)

My daughter and I spent about 3 and a half hours together in my office/craft room. We did each other’s make-up. 

Then we did our nails.

After that we snuggled up on the couch, still in my office, and watched a movie – The Cinderella Story: Once Upon A Song. It was actually pretty cute. We ate cookies and popcorn and talked about the movie and just had a wonderfully fabulous girl’s night.

I’ll get back to posting about body types soon. I just wanted to share my NYE. I hope you all had just as much fun as I did!


What do you think?

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