How To Wear Work-Out Gear


Was one of your resolutions to lose a few pounds this new year? If so, I have put together a few work-out looks to flatter your shape while you work your butt off!

Avia is what I wear when I work out. I have some of their shorts and long pants. I love the fit and feel of their work-out clothes. I wear Avia shoes as well. I wear Reebok sports bras because they aren’t horribly uncomfortable and they give you the support you need with a flattering fit. I wear PUMA socks, because they support the arch of my feet.

I Work Out!


NIKE heather shirt, $25
Xersion pants, $25

I Work Out - Pear


Forever21 racerback top, $6.80
NIKE white fleece pants, $42

I Work Out - boy shape


NIKE long legging, $15
Old Navy activewear top, $20

I Work Out - Hourglass


Hanro scoop neck top, $86
NIKE winter white pants, $42

I Work Out - Apple


Xersion sleeveless tank, $20
So Low cropped capri pants, $64


Good luck with your resolutions this year! Mine are to keep up the good work – business and exercise – and to learn French. I received Rosetta Stone in the mail tonight.

Lots of Love, Ladies!

What do you think?

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