Now On Polyvore


Do you prefer the polyvore style or my old style?


4 thoughts on “Now On Polyvore

  1. The first two with the pictures and comments are nice. The one with the black dress looks too plain without balance. The one with the article looks too busy with the article writing on the side and it takes a way from the lovely frilly dress. The one at the bottom is nice though. You can see it all clearly without it being too busy.

    • These sets were my first done on Polyvore. I was really just trying to test things out and see what options I had.
      I do like the black dress, though, for a pear shape. It is simple, yes, but also classic. The wide neckline and stumpy sleeves would help to pull any attention away from your hips. You could easily add a brooch, a necklace or a scarf if it’s too boring, though.
      You are so absolutely right about the one with the article on it. It’s very distracting.

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