Column Shape


As a column shape, your bust is proportionately larger than waist and your hips. I would say with a difference of 6 inches at the very least, but usually at least 9 inches. Column shapes are usually categorized under the apple shape, but in my personal experience, more often than not, Columns are not Apples. I consider them to be completely different body types.

First and foremost: Make sure you’re wearing the right bra size. It’s very important for your appearance and your health. (If you need help refer to one of my articles on bra fit: Key Notes, Signs of, and there will be another article later this week.)

I want to make sure that you are always giving yourself a defined waist line. You want to wear fitted shirts, shirts that are cut to separate your bust from your tummy, shirts that are cut into an hourglass shape, shirts that tie at the waist, or shirts that can be easily tucked into pants or a skirt. You don’t want to wear anything that just hangs there. I’ve seen so many Column shaped women in baggy t-shirts. If I didn’t know them personally I would think they were hiding a big stomach.

You can, however, wear long tunics that stop at the hips. You need to bring attention to your hips to balance out your shape.

As for bottoms: the skinniest you want to go is straight. Although, I wouldn’t really recommend that either. Wide leg, flare leg, or bootcut are what you should be wearing. Rise isn’t as important for you as it is for other body types. Skirts should be flared or a-line. You can wear pencil skirts, but make sure that there is something to accentuate your hips.


That’s all. Narrow in on the waist and balance out your bust.


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