New Year’s Coats for Your Dresses


This is an extension of the “New Year’s Dresses” article. You won’t need to refer back to it. I’ll post pictures.



On Monday I recommended One-Shoulder Peplum Dress to give boy shaped women more definition.

Today, I’m going to add on this Vintage Style Belted Coat with an attention grabbing neckline and bright red color.




I’m going to stick with shapes of the 60’s and the Presidio Poise Dress that we picked out for you earlier.

However, I’m going to mix up the textures with this Faux Fur Coat.





On Monday I balanced out your top-heavy bod with this beautiful Jersey & Taffeta Dress.

Today, I’m going to continue in that direction with this Asymmetrical Hem Coat.




I picked this wonderfully stunning Mixed-Media Dress for you earlier this week to camouflage your tummy.

Now I’m going to add this complimenting Structured Shoulder, Belted Coat.




For you, I found this Beaded Sheath Dress with structured shoulders to balance out your hips/derriere.

Today, I’m going to minimize your hips even further by adding this beautiful Faux-Fur Cropped Jacket.



I hope this post helps you dress up your body type for the Holidays.

Again, Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy that Turkey!

What do you think?

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